Join our intrepid wanderer as she explores the wasteland.
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Hours later, but not many...
The sky has grown darker- both from the setting of the sun and quickly accumulating cloud cover.
"Welp, sunlight was nice while it lasted." Gino remarks, "But looks like there's a storm coming, chica."
You check your pipbuck's map- Dodge Junction should be just over that next ridge. If you haul ass, you could make it to the Stable in short order.
You motion for Gino and Evergreen to pick up speed, galloping up the side of the rocky ridge.
"Pegasi must be getting lazy if it took them that long to seal up that patch. Two days of sunlight? Pretty sloppy." Gino says. You give him a confused look. Why would the pegasi seal up the sky?
"Because they're a bunch of xenophobes who abandoned the ground ever since the Great War." Evergreen says, cutting Gino off, "Once the Balefire Bombs hit Cloudsdale, they just packed up and left the ground, covering up the sky so nopony else could fire anything at them."
"Yeah, and they left the rest of us flyers high and dry- or, well, low and dry." Gino screws up his face, thinking, "Point is, they left us griffons here, too. Bunch of double crossing jackasses."
That's... pretty disheartening. A whole third of the pony population just abandoned Equestria? That can't be right...
Soon enough, your party finds themselves at the entrance to Stable 15. The dark cave looms in front of you- thinking back, being afraid of however many mutant rats in there seems kind of silly. Hasn't even been a week and you've encounter much worse. How do you plan to get your friends in the Stable for the night- and more importantly, how are you going to get the Overmare to spill about the C.H.E.C.K.?
>Talk to Cherry Cobbler first- he's your childhood best friend, no way he'd let you down.
>Be direct with the Overmare- use the information as a bargaining chip on the quest to find the talisman
>Snoop, can you trust anypony in management?
>Write in
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