Join our intrepid wanderer as she explores the wasteland.
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2016-04-09 03:57:30 No. 27034537
We can get them in by saying that they're helping in getting us a talisman so it would be for the best if they were in good condition to raise our chances.

As for finding out about the C.H.E.C.K. I think that we should try to snoop around on our own in the beginning and then go to cherry cobbler.

2016-04-09 04:02:42 No. 27034595
We should talk to Cherry first, but there's no reason to avoid the Overmare.
I'm sure there's things she'd like to know about the surface.

2016-04-09 09:23:30 No. 27037993
Let's go talk with cherry and find out what cool things we've missed since we were gone. We can also tell him of the neat things we've seen outside the vault.

2016-04-09 05:56:13 No. 27035898
We're going to end up getting teased by Gino!

!S1QeuwK64Y 2016-04-11 07:51:09 No. 27051619
A good point- and another reason for the Overmare to graciously repay them for their help so far.
Yeah- this is the longest you've gone without seeing him. Kind of hard to avoid ponies in a Stable to begin with, but you two are thick as thieves.
You look at Gino as you lead your two companions down the slope into the cave.
Yeah, there's no avoiding that is there. Maybe you should just keep the PDA on the down-low...
The maw of the cave stands before you, and you calmly enter. You can still here the occasional skittering, but it bothers you less now. You trot quickly instead of galloping in panic, reaching the Stable door pretty quickly.
"So, how do you plan on getting in there? Place's locked tight, chica."
You hold up your Pipbuck, taking out the connection wire and plugging it into the outside console. A happy little chirp welcomes you as the sound of grinding metal fills the air. Slowly, the Stable door rolls open.
Ah indeed- and not a moment too soon as a rolling wave of thunder echoes from outside the cave. You beckon your companions to follow as you trot down the metal hallway.
You stand before the inner doorway, and a speaker chirps to life, "Fuse Box- you're back already? Please tell me you've got some good news." The Overmare's voice squawks from the speaker.
Sorry about the wait, work on the weekend is pretty killer. Let's pump out some updates!
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