Join our intrepid wanderer as she explores the wasteland.
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2016-04-11 08:48:38 No. 27051830
I have a few leads on where some talismans could be but our chances of finding one easily are pretty low. Is something wrong?

2016-04-11 09:42:24 No. 27052061
The first settlement was a bust, but the next one seems more promising. We just thought we'd spend the night here where it was safer, since it was on the way.

!S1QeuwK64Y 2016-04-11 05:04:23 No. 27055348
You're about to respond, but the Overmare's voice crackles again, "No no- not here. In private. Come to my office, please.
The doors woosh open, and you step through- two of the stable security ponies posted on the opposite side. Gino whistles.
"Well, ain't this just a snazzy little number you got yourself here chica."
You shrug- this is normal, far as you're concerned. After strolling through the hallways, thankfully devoid of most ponies what with how late it's getting, you find yourself just outside the Overmare's office.
"Don't know how you lived here, place is a damn maze." Evergreen grumbles. You knock on the door, and it wooshes open.
The Overmare sits at her round desk, a pair of Mr Hoofsies doing their routine cleaning. She looks up, "Fuse Box, yes good- who are these two with you?"
You point at Gino and Evergreen- explaining that they've helped keep you safe so far out in the wasteland. She nods, "Oh thank goodness- I can't explain to you how important Fuse is to the Stable, especially as of late. You have my utmost gratitude."
"Gratitude, eh?" Gino starts. You sharply jab him in the side, eliciting an oof.
Well, time to get to explaining about the whole deal. You start off by telling the Overmare the bad news- the Ironshod factory was a bust, their talisman was overloaded and cracked. The Overmare sighs, "I should have figured as much. But what brings you back home so soon?"
You shrug a little, explaining that you were kind of in need of a place to stay for the night on your journey to the next populated town- Hubcap, just another day northwest of here. The Overmare nods.
"Are you saying that that Equastria is safe to inhabit? Society has rebuilt?"
You shake your head- unfortunately the wasteland's pretty dangerous- mutant creatures and radiation still in the soil. Which brings you to your next point.
"Your... next point?"
You clear your throat- What do you know about the Crystal Harmony Element Creation kit
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