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The Overmare's eyes widen, and she turns to her two cleaning bots, "Good sirs, please return to your stations."
A couple of "right away, ma'am"s and a swift exit follow, and she turns to you.
"I would appreciate if we may talk alone about this.
Gino frowns, and Evergreen tenses up, "Whatever you have to say to the chica, you can say in front of-"
You pat Gino on the shoulder- she's your Overmare, this isn't some wasteland villain. You trust her enough. He maintains the frown, but leaves.
"I will storm back in if I hear any funny business going on though, comprende?"
You nod, and the door shuts behind them as they exit. You then turn back to the Overmare.
"Now, tell me where you heard about the CHECK?"
She looks pretty stressed- you reassure her that it's not something to worry about. You just happened to stumble across a small town to the east called Dirt in dire need of help- radiation making viable crops hard to grow and all, and their "overmare" came from a Stable that already used the CHECK- and was keeping ponies out, unfairly. You just want to help- and maybe if you could clean up some of the wasteland, you wouldn't have to worry about the Stable running on reserve power and everyone could move out! Yeah Equestria's still dangerous, but ponies are surviving pretty well out there-
"Fuse," She cuts you off, "I know that you're a kind pony- and even with the trouble you've gotten yourself in in the past, you truly want to help others. But the CHECK..." The Overmare inhales, "I am about to tell you something that very few ponies know, and you MUSTN'T tell anypony else. Do you swear?"
You nod- golly jee this must be pretty important.
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