Join our intrepid wanderer as she explores the wasteland.
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"The Stables- they weren't all designed to save ponies. Some of them were..." She pauses, "... Social experiments. Only the Overmare is supposed to know this, but I put the lives of my little ponies above any kind of test." She shakes her head, "Not every Stable gets a CHECK- it's an expensive piece of equipment, and why waste resources on Stables that would more than likely fail?"
You sit down.
Well... that's not good at all.
The Overmare nods, "I agree- I just want what's best for everypony living here. That's why finding that talisman is so important- if the wasteland is as dangerous as you say, then I'm afraid I can't risk a mass exodus."
You frown. You don't want to just... give up on this. You made a promise to Matchsticks- to everypony in Dirt.
"I'm not asking you to abandon what you feel is the right thing to do- I never would. But the clock is ticking, Fuse. We need that talisman."
You nod. You guess that makes sense.
The Overmare comes over to you, giving you a light hug, "You're a good pony Fuse, don't throw your life away trying to fix everypony else's problems."
After letting go, she adds, "You and your companions are free to sleep here if whenever your journey brings you by. It's the least I can do."
You take the silence afterwords to be your cue to leave. The door wooshes open and shut as you step through.
"So, what went down chica?" Gino asks. Evergreen regards you, frowning.
What do you tell them?
>The truth- that the Overmare can't help Dirt with it's problems
>Lie- you need to keep everyone's hopes up in dire times
>Dodge the question\
>Other: Write in
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