Join our intrepid wanderer as she explores the wasteland.
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!S1QeuwK64Y 2016-04-02 03:19:02 No. 26962027 Previous Thread

Last time we left our intrepid heroes, Fuse Box and Gino, they were investigating the dastardly front office of local suspected mob baron and casino operator, Lucky 21! After an entrance that would make any spy movie proud, our heroes have discovered little in the way of incriminating evidence that Lucky was the one who tried to off Gill, Scrapville's mayor of a slightly mutated persuasion.


Wisely, you decide not to loot the place and leave everything where it was. Breaking out your trusty bobby pins and screwdriver, you make short order of that door- the one into Lucky's personal office.
Gino let's out a low whistle as you step inside, "Swanky. Course a casino operator keeps all the good stuff to himself."
You smack his talons as he reaches for a bottle of expensive looking bourbon, whisper-shouting "We've gotta be careful! Can't leave any evidence behind that we've been snooping!"
The office contains a hoof-carved desk of ornate design, two bookshelves behind it with an aging painting hanging right behind the chair. An alcohol shelf sits just to the right of the door, and a few filing cabinets on the left. Time to figure out what to go through, and where to put that bug.

>The desk! Duh!
>Hide it behind the painting, they'll NEVER suspect it!
>One of the shelves should work!
>Other: Write in

home early because my job is a shit, let's get to it!

!S1QeuwK64Y 2016-04-02 04:00:01 No. 26962553
Good idea, brain- lower bookshelf, who ever actually looks there? You fumble with the crystal just a little as you stick it back as far as it can go- there's the tiniest of sparks as you push it up against the underside of the shelf and it sticks like magic (probably because it IS magic).
"Bug secure, you find anything in those file cabinets?"
Gino looks up from a piece of paper, "Oh yeah- I mean, nothing Gill related, but there's plenty of shady deals going on in this place." He shuts the folder, putting it away, "To the surprise of absolutely no one."
Well, if Lucky really was the one behind Gill's attempted assassination, you'll find out soon enough.
>Cover your bases: write in

!S1QeuwK64Y 2016-04-02 04:53:12 No. 26963299
Nope, no scrape marks on the floor- and after pulling at least a dozen books away from the shelf, you've figured there's no secret bookcase door either.
"What are you doing, shouldn't we be making ourselves scarce pretty soon?" Gino says.
You shake your head, "I've got a hunch, just keep an eye out okay?"
Gino grumbles, but keeps watch.
The desk itself contains a crystal decanter of probably the finest alcohol in the room, if you care'd to guess, along with a small but powerful looking pistol and some ammo. Still nothing incriminating yet.
You stare at the painting. The face of an old mare stares back at you.
Come on, there's no way there could possibly be a safe behind that- oh.
There's a safe behind the painting.
>roll 1d100+20, first five results will be counted

!S1QeuwK64Y 2016-04-02 05:31:41 No. 26963761
>Successes: 5 (2 crits)
This lock is NOTHING to you, with one quick fluid motion you pop that sucker open faster'n an otter crackin open clams with her favorite rock.
"You ever think about taking up mercenary work, chica?" Gino says, "It's not all about kicking ass and taking names, you'd be surprised how many locked locks are still out in the wasteland."
You shrug- it still doesn't seem like your cup of tea, but maybe if the caps start running low, well...
You eagerly open the safe- but instead of fat stacks of caps or piles of documents, there's a single holotape along with a framed photograph. It's the same mare in the painting, standing next to some stallion. Well, that's... odd.
>Write in

!S1QeuwK64Y 2016-04-02 06:17:08 No. 26964249
You gulp, deciding against better judgement to give the tape a listen now- and make sure to leave it when you're done if it's nothing related to Gill.
You pop in the tape, and a short static hiss and pop followed by a stallion's voice starts up.
"-Oh, there we go! Hello darling. Listen... I don't think I need to tell you how great of a wife you are, my dearest Fleur. But, when has that stopped me before, eh? So kind, so loving. Patience of a princess, I do say. And no matter what you may say you are on the inside, always know that I love you."
There's a short pause, and the stallion picks up again, "I know this year has not been the greatest- the war gets worse every day, and I know you're worried. But so long as we're together, I swear to you darling- our best days are yet to come. There will be changes, that is for sure. But I know our future will be bright, and that business venture of yours should be coming along remarkably!"
The stallion chuckles lightly, his voice growing a bit more tender, "Take care, Fleur. Remember, this too shall pass. I love you."
Another static pop and the tape ends. Well, that was...
Gino gags, "Goooood, and here I thought we stumbled onto something important."
You shoot Gino a glare. You may have no idea who these two ponies were, but you still feel sad at how awful things turned out for them. Did they ever make it to a Stable in time, you wonder?
No, gotta put that stuff on the backburner. Carefully, you put the holotape and picture back where you found it.
"I don't think we're going to find anything else." You say. Gino nods.

!S1QeuwK64Y 2016-04-02 07:41:29 No. 26965339
Time to check up on Evergreen, then. Heheh, check up- because she's a doctor and- ah forget it.
A short jaunt through town is all it takes to get back to the Ministry of Peace clinic. It's still just as busy- but the neon green mare is nowhere to be seen.
You tap the shoulder of one of the nurses, and after some quick questioning she points you to the office in the back.
Stepping inside you see Evergreen packing what seems to be everything she owns into a pair of saddlebags, cursing under her breath, "Come on you bastard, just click shut!"
One oomf and a click later, the overly full saddle bags click shut. She huffs, looking up at you, "Hell are you doing here, didn't I already get that gem enchanted for you?"
>Respond: Write in

!S1QeuwK64Y 2016-04-03 02:24:38 No. 26973193
"Hey now, I know what this looks like," Evergreen says, cutting you off right there, "I'm not skipping town- the rest of what I owe to Gill is more than the clinic has." She strains, trying to heft up the saddlebags, "So, if I want to pay it off, I'm going to have to scav for a bit-"
At that moment, her bag bursts open, the metal clasp just barely whizzing over your head. You duck down with an 'Eep!' as it ricochets into the wall. Evergreen groans.
"Fuck it, I'll need to travel light anyways."
So, Evergreen's planning a sojourn into the wasteland. You ask her if she'll be okay, and she huffs, "I'm not some bright eyed stable pony like you, squirt. I was born out here, I can take care of myself."
Still though, pretty dangerous to be travelling the wasteland alone. And you should know, you spent the first two days out here by yourself!
>Suggest that Evergreen should join your group- you'll be hitting scavenging areas anyways, it's mutually beneficial!
>Offer to see if Gino would offer a discount on a Talon bodyguard
>Other: write in

!S1QeuwK64Y 2016-04-03 02:37:27 No. 26973328
Evergreen hums, "That seems... pretty logical." She shrugs, "Alright, sure. I'll tag along- Just don't slow me down, got it?"
She pokes her hoof right in your snout. You scrunch in response, "I-I got it."
She nods, "So, have you already checked that bug then?"
You shake your head- it's still just a bit after noon, but it'd probably be prudent to go over it soon with Gill. It's a lot of audio to scrub through. Of course, you also have no idea when Lucky actually GOES to their office so it could be twelve hours worth of silence.
>Where to next: Write in

!S1QeuwK64Y 2016-04-03 08:29:56 No. 26977517
Gill turns over the sign to say "closed", locking the door. You take a seat at the counter and pull up the audio feed from the bug.
"Let's start at the beginning," Gill says, and you scrub back to the start of the recording. You hear some shuffling, and then your own voice.
"Bug secure, you find anything in those file cabinets?"
Eugh, is THAT what you sound like? You scrunch your face, and fast forward past the point of you leaving. It's silent for a good long stretch, before some noise picks up again.
You pause, rewinding a bit and start playing it back.
The sound of a door opening creaks through the speaker, and hooves clopping on the floor.
"Itinerary for today, mister Bouncer?" A mare's voice says. You hear the familiar grunt of Bouncer.
"Thursday- so the public books gotta be gone through and any special clientele be stricken from the record."
"Right, right. Thank you Bouncer." A chair scrapes out- must be the one from the desk. Does that mean....
"I guess Lucky's a mare then." Gill says. You nod- seems legit.
"What about that issue with Gill?"
Well good golly jee whillakers that was easy.
"Nothing- no lead on who that scrub who tried to take him out was."
Ooooooor maybe not?
Lucky snorts, "Well don't slouch about it. Keep up the investigation- I'm not a big fan on how much he keeps breathing down our operation's neck, but he's a stabilizing influence in this town. Bad for business if he dies prematurely."
You pause the recording, looking at Gill. He seems pretty bewildered.
"Well, this has thrown a bit of a monkey wrench into things."
>Respond: Write in

!S1QeuwK64Y 2016-04-04 05:48:35 No. 26986828
Gill thinks hard, humming to himself, "Can't rightly say- figure if anything Lucky'd be out to take over the town hi-herself, I mean. If she's not after that..." He shrugs, "I don't really know. Only thing that benefits from chaos are the raiders and creatures that make this wasteland such a hell."
Well that's less than helpful. Who wants to just cause chaos for chaos's sake?
"In any case, I think I'll just have to up the guard." Gill says. You nod- sounds like a good idea.
>More questions for Gill: Write in

!S1QeuwK64Y 2016-04-04 06:45:43 No. 26987489
"Always a possibility, but we've weathered worse," Gill says, going to flip the sign back to open and unlock the door, "Though they're usually less organized than hiring hitponies. Might be mercenaries..."
He turns back to you, "Anyways, I really owe you. And I've got just the thing for you."
He trots behind the counter, reaching behind a case hidden from view, pulling out something absolutely beautiful.
"I've seen you carry that rifle- looks pretty well maintained, but you're not gonna get as much out of it without a good scope." He says, "I'll even help you get it on and calibrated right, and throw in a few extra rounds."
You squee in delight as delight as you watch Gill get to work- the process is pretty simple, and thanks to your knowledge in mechanics already you think you can figure out how to use it to modify your weapons in the future.
>+5 bonus to Mechanics skill
>+5 bonus to Guns skill
"And that'll do it," Gill declares, giving you back your rifle. He also throws in a bonus 10 rounds, bringing you up to 25 total. If you can keep up practice, you'll be kneecapping threats from far enough that they can't even think about touching you. Which suits your good-naturedness just fine.
You thank Gill for what he's done, and head over to Lucky 21's. You catch Evergreen just outside.
"Took you long enough. We heading out?"
You shake your head- you still gotta get Gino. If memory serves correct, he should be finishing up his 'serious' meeting with the rest of the Talons right about now.
"Well he better hurry up. Don't like lazing around like this."
>Get to know Evergreen: Write In

!S1QeuwK64Y 2016-04-04 07:07:35 No. 26987787
Evergreen rolls her eyes, "We're doing this now, huh? Alright."
She huffs, "Been with the clinic here about... 6? 7 years? Had a bit of a falling out with the scavver group I was with before. Probably dead now, never a good idea to piss off your medic." She chuckled a bit at that.
A falling out? She nods, "Scavvers are really just above raiders in your heirarchy of wasteland moralities. And only just barely. Got sick of the pony in charge's decisions, so I left. Wandered the desert for a good week or so, ended up on the MOP's doorstep. Always need more doctors, they say," she snorts, "Always need more supplies if you ask me. Wasteland ain't kind to those who show kindness."
You frown- though really, from what you've seen she isn't wrong about that. Doesn't make you agree with it any more.
"Anyways, I came out from a little town out west past Ghastly Gorge called Cancy, and that's about all you need to know about that. We're business partners right now, I'm not your friend." She says with another snort. Sweet Celestia she's so tsundere. But you're not gonna give up on that, no way. By the end of this journey she's gonna be your friend if it kills you.
You ask her if she's ever had cherry cobbler before.
"What the hell is a cherry?"
Oh this will not do- if your trip takes you near the Stable again you've gotta show her Cherry Cobbler's cherry cobbler- wait no that doesn't sound quite right...
"Alright, so you've poked and prodded about me, it's only fair I do the same right back," Evergreen says. This catches you off guard. What even is there to say about you?
"What's your angle, huh? You act all nice and helpful, like it's just natural to you. What gives? What are you really after here?"

!S1QeuwK64Y 2016-04-04 10:35:01 No. 26990025
It's just the right thing to do. Yeah, the wasteland sucks and there's deadly creatures everywhere and ponies who seem to be off their rocker, but someone's gotta be a decent person, yeah? Helping ponies is just... the right thing to do.
Evergreen frowns at this, staring at you silently for a bit. You scrunch.
"... Alright. It's naive, but at least you don't seem to be lying about it."
Oh...kay? What is this, some secret test of character? Is she some sort of ancient sage, testing your mettle as some messiah of the wasteland? You inwardly roll your eyes at that thought, right about as Gino finally exits the casino-hotel. Casinotel. Perfect.
"Aight chica, we heading out-" He looks at Evergreen. Evergreen raises an eyebrow at him.
"Chica, you're not collecting ponies to add to our little entourage, are ya?"
You shrug- she's a doctor and needs to go scavenge to pay back Gill, and there's safety in numbers and all that. Mutually beneficial, just like you told her. Gino hums.
"Doctor, huh? Not some pacifist pansy like our little stable girl here, are ya?"
Evergreen rolls her eyes as you protest- JUST because you don't want to wantonly slaughter random ponies doesn't make you some goody-two-shoes, it's like. The NORMAL state of being! For most ponies!
"Sure thing chica," Gino says, and pats you on the head dismissively. You scrunch. Stupid griffon...
"Alright, so where to next, Chica?" Gino asks. You pull up your map.
>Next location get
And that'll be the last one for tonight. See you all next time- same bat thread, same bat channel.

!S1QeuwK64Y 2016-04-06 03:12:24 No. 27004661
"Pretty sure there's a trainyard between here and Hubcap- and who knows, maybe some raider camps we can take advantage of." Evergreen says. You pale at this while Gino nods, "Yeah- definitely wanna head west instead of south. Macintosh Hills are dangerous- they just lead to the Badlands." He grins mischievously, "If you think Radscorpions and Hellhounds are scary, you've never seen what the wasteland has done to dragons."
Okay, okay, you get it- south is bad! Do not go south! Sheesh!
"And besides, Hubcap has trade caravans heading in and out all the time. Junk peddlers, water merchants- the whole nine yards. They've got their own routes we can salvage stuff from on the way while making easy caps doing guard duty." Evergreen points out.
Well that certainly helps out with Evergreen's debts. Though does it get you any closer to finding that power regulator talisman?
You sigh internally at that- it's almost starting to feel like you're letting the stable down. It's been- three days? Four? You're starting to lose track a little, but every day out here is a day the main power could fail.
Nope, you gotta keep pushing forward. Finding that talisman is your main goal, by golly you're not gonna let yourself get depressed about this!
Besides, the main route to Hubcap will take you right by the stable- at least you could pop in with a little update on what Matchsticks told you, maybe find out if 15 even HAS that Crystal Harmony whatsit. Even if the Overmare didn't tell you, you're sure Cherry Cobbler would.
"Gonna be just over two days to get to Hubcap, hope you two like camping." Gino says, as the three of you head out of town. Open road again, hurray...
>Roll 1d10, first 5 results will be counted

!S1QeuwK64Y 2016-04-06 03:27:18 No. 27004772
Luck Roll Results
Successes: 4 (one crit)
Failures: 1 (crit)

Give me a bit this requires just a teensy bit of editing, in the meantime here's a look at our stats/inventory:

Hunger: Sated
Thirst: Sated
Fatigue: Rested
Sanity: 90%

90 caps

Stable Jumpsuit
Pinstripe Suit (Speech +10)
Leather Armor (Light DR)

Tommygun and 2 drums of ammo (50 each) (2 rounds per shot)
Scoped Hunting Rifle (Winona) and 25 rounds
10mm pistol with 18 rounds

A MedKit (1 syringe of Med-X, Pill bottle of RadSafe (20 pills), 3 Health Potions, 2 packets of RadAway)
canteen of water (100% full)
box of cereal
3 pieces of mutfruit
3 bottles of water
2 snack cakes
1 bottle of fine spirits

screwdriver and 37 bobby pins
2 rolls of duct tape
wallet with ID
PlayPony magazine
1 issue of Sword Mares
2 books on science and mechanics
business files from the Dodge Junction saloon/train station
Gidget's Journal

>Night Person- Used to late nights, you gain a bonus to Intelligence, Perception, and Charisma at night, at the cost of easier fatigue and being harder to wake up, with an early morning penalty to Charisma
>Good Natured- You're just so damn nice. Ponies are inclined to believe you and help you if they're at least neutral to you. But you don't have the stomach for causing harm, and take a hit to your sanity whenever you do something that causes grievous harm to others.

>Strength- 5
>Perception- 5 (6)
>Endurance- 6
>Charisma- 6 (7)
>Intelligence- 8 (9)
>Agility- 5
>Luck- 5

>Energy Weapons
>Guns (+15 bonus)
>Lockpick (Rank I, +20 bonus)
>Mechanics (+15 bonus)
>Science (Rank I, +20 bonus)
>Speech (Rank I, +20 bonus)

Binary: Robots are much more likely to turn out friendly to you, and those that aren't you are much more effective at fighting

!S1QeuwK64Y 2016-04-06 10:38:06 No. 27008270
An anon after my own heart
You've been walking for hours now. Sun's high overhead, beating on your companions. Despite all this, you've done your best to keep your water rationed- big as your canteen is, it's not infinite.
You go over another hill, and you spot it- just in the distance, a short little building with an overhang. On the side, it says "Pitt's Stop"
Well... you could use the a short break. Maybe there's some snacks in there?
You trot a little faster, your companions matching speed as you head to the building. But as you get closer, you start to notice movement- is that... a pony?
You slow down, warily and you hear Gino arm himself. You shoot him a glare.
You roll your eyes, and approach carefully.
"Excuse me?" You call out, still a safe distance away. The pony turns- good golly she's tall for a unicorn, and really REALLY green.
"Relative of yours?" Gino asks. From Evergreen's expression, Gino'd probably be dead twice over if looks could kill.
Your group stops, the showdown between you and her getting intense. A bead of sweat drips down your forehead.
Finally she speaks up, turning her head to look back to the horizon as she was earlier, "No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path."
Beg pardon?
"This place," She says, "The world as it is. Can only the earth save herself then? Are we ponies unable to help this fate?"
Gino puts his gun away, "Alright, she's just crazy then. Was worried there'd be an actual threat."
You glare at him again, but ponder the question.

!S1QeuwK64Y 2016-04-08 01:59:15 No. 27021758
You mean, it's not like you don't believe in fate- kinda hard to disagree with that notion what with a certain tattoo adorning your rear dictating your most important talent. But you figure it's more like... a set of guidelines? Than some unchanging tide? You ARE a mechanic by nature, ANYTHING can be fixed with enough time, resources, and ponies working hard enough at it.
At least, you know- that's your opinion on the whole thing, not like everypony has to agree or whatever...
The mare nods slowly, thinking over your words, "So, through Unity you believe that pony kind can help heal this land?"
You nod. That pretty much sums it up, yeah. Not sure why you're certain she pronounced Unity with a capital U.
The mare nods again, smiling lightly, "We thank you, young pony. We had our doubts up to this point."
And then she starts walking off, her parting words being a short "Safe travels," before she unfurled her wings from beneath her cloak and woAH OKAY WOAH WAIT A CHERRY PICKING SECOND SHE HAS WINGS OKAY AND SHE'S FLYING OFF.
You nicker in surprise, falling flat on your flank. What the heck. What the heck??!?!??????? Wings????? Wings and horn!?!??!??!? Only the princesses had wings and horns that was DEFINITELY not one of the three princesses WHAT THE HECK EVEN.
Understatement of the millennium, subconscious brain thoughts. Looking over, you see Evergreen is also pretty clearly shaken, while Gino is mostly confused.
"Am I missing something here?"

!S1QeuwK64Y 2016-04-08 02:29:22 No. 27022046
After hurriedly dragging your confused gryphon compadre into the Pitt's Stop (Thankfully uninhabited by other impossibly existing creatures), you fill him in about what you just saw basically being summed up as both a shattering of your understanding of how government works and blasphemy lite™. Gino rolls his eyes.
"Wasteland's messed up- taint, radiation, any of that could change up a pony to look like some kind of former princess as much as it's likely to make you some fugly ghoul- well maybe not AS likely, but hey. Not like it's some unholy experiment or something."
You're still pretty mindfucked by this whole thing, collapsing onto a booth-side seat. After a few minutes of mentally applying white out to your brain, a box of preserved muffins is shoved under your snout.
"Eat up, chica."
...You were a little peckish, you had to admit. After munching on hundred year old muffins (thank Celestia for preservatives), you turn to Evergreen.
"This never happened, okay?" She says. You nod in agreement.
A few minutes of rest, cracking some super easy locks, and scouring the Pitt's Stop (upping your food count by 6 cans of beans, a couple boxes of muffins and some tortilla chips, along with some bottled water, extra bobby pins, and some mechanical nick nacks you're sure you could make something with), you head back out on the road.
>Level up

!S1QeuwK64Y 2016-04-08 02:30:59 No. 27022064
Choose 1 skill to bring up to the next level, or 2 to add a +10 bonus. You may choose one of the following perks:
>Awareness: Examining targets with your Pipbuck gives you their health, resistances, armor, level and ammo count
>Faster Healing: You recover from wounds faster
>Presence: Your force of personality is one to be reckoned with, making interacting with unfriendly NPCs easier
>Swift Learner: You take to information easily, making training with any tools or items you don't know how to use much more efficient
>Extra S.P.E.C.I.A.L.: Through hard work, determination, and more than a little time roughing it in the wasteland, you've increased one of your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. by one!
>Draw!: You've got the fastest hooves in the west- or at least in the immediate vicinity. Your reactions to danger make you quicker on the draw
>Light Hoofed- You're light as a feather and careful where you step- mines are much less likely to by activated by you, and are easier to disarm.

!S1QeuwK64Y 2016-04-09 03:52:53 No. 27034476
>Mechanics boosted to +35
>Swift Learner perk added

Hours later, but not many...
The sky has grown darker- both from the setting of the sun and quickly accumulating cloud cover.
"Welp, sunlight was nice while it lasted." Gino remarks, "But looks like there's a storm coming, chica."
You check your pipbuck's map- Dodge Junction should be just over that next ridge. If you haul ass, you could make it to the Stable in short order.
You motion for Gino and Evergreen to pick up speed, galloping up the side of the rocky ridge.
"Pegasi must be getting lazy if it took them that long to seal up that patch. Two days of sunlight? Pretty sloppy." Gino says. You give him a confused look. Why would the pegasi seal up the sky?
"Because they're a bunch of xenophobes who abandoned the ground ever since the Great War." Evergreen says, cutting Gino off, "Once the Balefire Bombs hit Cloudsdale, they just packed up and left the ground, covering up the sky so nopony else could fire anything at them."
"Yeah, and they left the rest of us flyers high and dry- or, well, low and dry." Gino screws up his face, thinking, "Point is, they left us griffons here, too. Bunch of double crossing jackasses."
That's... pretty disheartening. A whole third of the pony population just abandoned Equestria? That can't be right...
Soon enough, your party finds themselves at the entrance to Stable 15. The dark cave looms in front of you- thinking back, being afraid of however many mutant rats in there seems kind of silly. Hasn't even been a week and you've encounter much worse. How do you plan to get your friends in the Stable for the night- and more importantly, how are you going to get the Overmare to spill about the C.H.E.C.K.?
>Talk to Cherry Cobbler first- he's your childhood best friend, no way he'd let you down.
>Be direct with the Overmare- use the information as a bargaining chip on the quest to find the talisman
>Snoop, can you trust anypony in management?
>Write in

!S1QeuwK64Y 2016-04-11 07:51:09 No. 27051619
A good point- and another reason for the Overmare to graciously repay them for their help so far.
Yeah- this is the longest you've gone without seeing him. Kind of hard to avoid ponies in a Stable to begin with, but you two are thick as thieves.
You look at Gino as you lead your two companions down the slope into the cave.
Yeah, there's no avoiding that is there. Maybe you should just keep the PDA on the down-low...
The maw of the cave stands before you, and you calmly enter. You can still here the occasional skittering, but it bothers you less now. You trot quickly instead of galloping in panic, reaching the Stable door pretty quickly.
"So, how do you plan on getting in there? Place's locked tight, chica."
You hold up your Pipbuck, taking out the connection wire and plugging it into the outside console. A happy little chirp welcomes you as the sound of grinding metal fills the air. Slowly, the Stable door rolls open.
Ah indeed- and not a moment too soon as a rolling wave of thunder echoes from outside the cave. You beckon your companions to follow as you trot down the metal hallway.
You stand before the inner doorway, and a speaker chirps to life, "Fuse Box- you're back already? Please tell me you've got some good news." The Overmare's voice squawks from the speaker.
Sorry about the wait, work on the weekend is pretty killer. Let's pump out some updates!

!S1QeuwK64Y 2016-04-11 05:04:23 No. 27055348
You're about to respond, but the Overmare's voice crackles again, "No no- not here. In private. Come to my office, please.
The doors woosh open, and you step through- two of the stable security ponies posted on the opposite side. Gino whistles.
"Well, ain't this just a snazzy little number you got yourself here chica."
You shrug- this is normal, far as you're concerned. After strolling through the hallways, thankfully devoid of most ponies what with how late it's getting, you find yourself just outside the Overmare's office.
"Don't know how you lived here, place is a damn maze." Evergreen grumbles. You knock on the door, and it wooshes open.
The Overmare sits at her round desk, a pair of Mr Hoofsies doing their routine cleaning. She looks up, "Fuse Box, yes good- who are these two with you?"
You point at Gino and Evergreen- explaining that they've helped keep you safe so far out in the wasteland. She nods, "Oh thank goodness- I can't explain to you how important Fuse is to the Stable, especially as of late. You have my utmost gratitude."
"Gratitude, eh?" Gino starts. You sharply jab him in the side, eliciting an oof.
Well, time to get to explaining about the whole deal. You start off by telling the Overmare the bad news- the Ironshod factory was a bust, their talisman was overloaded and cracked. The Overmare sighs, "I should have figured as much. But what brings you back home so soon?"
You shrug a little, explaining that you were kind of in need of a place to stay for the night on your journey to the next populated town- Hubcap, just another day northwest of here. The Overmare nods.
"Are you saying that that Equastria is safe to inhabit? Society has rebuilt?"
You shake your head- unfortunately the wasteland's pretty dangerous- mutant creatures and radiation still in the soil. Which brings you to your next point.
"Your... next point?"
You clear your throat- What do you know about the Crystal Harmony Element Creation kit

!S1QeuwK64Y 2016-04-11 05:14:07 No. 27055418
The Overmare's eyes widen, and she turns to her two cleaning bots, "Good sirs, please return to your stations."
A couple of "right away, ma'am"s and a swift exit follow, and she turns to you.
"I would appreciate if we may talk alone about this.
Gino frowns, and Evergreen tenses up, "Whatever you have to say to the chica, you can say in front of-"
You pat Gino on the shoulder- she's your Overmare, this isn't some wasteland villain. You trust her enough. He maintains the frown, but leaves.
"I will storm back in if I hear any funny business going on though, comprende?"
You nod, and the door shuts behind them as they exit. You then turn back to the Overmare.
"Now, tell me where you heard about the CHECK?"
She looks pretty stressed- you reassure her that it's not something to worry about. You just happened to stumble across a small town to the east called Dirt in dire need of help- radiation making viable crops hard to grow and all, and their "overmare" came from a Stable that already used the CHECK- and was keeping ponies out, unfairly. You just want to help- and maybe if you could clean up some of the wasteland, you wouldn't have to worry about the Stable running on reserve power and everyone could move out! Yeah Equestria's still dangerous, but ponies are surviving pretty well out there-
"Fuse," She cuts you off, "I know that you're a kind pony- and even with the trouble you've gotten yourself in in the past, you truly want to help others. But the CHECK..." The Overmare inhales, "I am about to tell you something that very few ponies know, and you MUSTN'T tell anypony else. Do you swear?"
You nod- golly jee this must be pretty important.

!S1QeuwK64Y 2016-04-11 05:20:49 No. 27055465
"The Stables- they weren't all designed to save ponies. Some of them were..." She pauses, "... Social experiments. Only the Overmare is supposed to know this, but I put the lives of my little ponies above any kind of test." She shakes her head, "Not every Stable gets a CHECK- it's an expensive piece of equipment, and why waste resources on Stables that would more than likely fail?"
You sit down.
Well... that's not good at all.
The Overmare nods, "I agree- I just want what's best for everypony living here. That's why finding that talisman is so important- if the wasteland is as dangerous as you say, then I'm afraid I can't risk a mass exodus."
You frown. You don't want to just... give up on this. You made a promise to Matchsticks- to everypony in Dirt.
"I'm not asking you to abandon what you feel is the right thing to do- I never would. But the clock is ticking, Fuse. We need that talisman."
You nod. You guess that makes sense.
The Overmare comes over to you, giving you a light hug, "You're a good pony Fuse, don't throw your life away trying to fix everypony else's problems."
After letting go, she adds, "You and your companions are free to sleep here if whenever your journey brings you by. It's the least I can do."
You take the silence afterwords to be your cue to leave. The door wooshes open and shut as you step through.
"So, what went down chica?" Gino asks. Evergreen regards you, frowning.
What do you tell them?
>The truth- that the Overmare can't help Dirt with it's problems
>Lie- you need to keep everyone's hopes up in dire times
>Dodge the question\
>Other: Write in
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