You are an inexperienced teenage filly. Your cousin is missing her boyfriend.
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>It's another muggy day under the goddess-damned cloud cover as you wake up in your family's tent.
>The first sound to greet you is your mother calling you a lazy cunt.
>"Get out of bed and go see your dad before he leaves. I'm not gonna have time to baby you if he gets his head blown off trying to feed us."
>you grumble but obey, ignoring the rumble in your stomach as you head out.
>you blink rapidly as you make your way to the gathering war party working themselves up into a loud chant
>despite how much of a bitch your mother is, still know she cares and is quite serious
>besides, not every pony comes back, like your uncle a few years back
>come to think of it, that must be why your mom is so adamant on you saying goodbye to your dad
>the drums beat a little louder as you trot over to the crowd and scan for your father
>you spot his close cut mane and the splatter-streak tattoos on his face and neck in the jostling crowd
>amid the whooping and hollering you slip between the bodies of stallions are mares, all much older than you until you reach him and tap him on the shoulder firmly
>the bloodthirsty grin on his face slips when he notices you next to him
>"Eh? What the hell do you think you're doing? You're too damn young to join the raids."
>your ears fold back and you grit your teeth as your dad puts a hoof around you and pulls you out of the crowd away from all the noise
"I know that dad," you growl at him. "Mom said to say goodbye before you left. Says you're gonna get your head blown off."
>your father frowns and rolls his eyes
>"Eh, she's just sore from losing her brother still. Never fuckin' got over it. Can't really blame her though either."

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