You are the leader of a Royal Guard unit from Equestria tasked with investigating a disturbance in the Everfree.
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>>21196331 (OP)

Rules and info:

- You are a male pegasus Guardspony. You have fairly good stamina, are a capable of mid-speed flight, and can endure some pain.
- You, like all pegasi, can navigate by the stars, touch clouds, and perform some limited weather manipulation.
- I will be ignoring non-serious suggestions that will disrupt the story.

You are currently carrying the following:
1x Royal Guard armor (worn)
2x Folding hoofblades (on forehooves)
1x Spear (attached to the side of your armor)
1x Canteen (full)
1x Standard-issue saddlebags, containing:
- 2x Rations (unopened)
- 1x Rations (crushed. Oops, must've landed on them).
- 1x Flint and steel
- 1x Armor cleaning cloth.
- 1x First aid kit (5 uses)

HEALTH is currently 9/10. At 2/10, you will collapse. At 0/10, you will die. Health may be regained by use of the first-aid kit, but remember you have limited uses.

ENDURANCE is currently 7/10. At 2/10, you may faint or begin suffering from other effects. At 0/10, you will faint and begin loosing HEALTH. Endurance can be regained by resting, eating, and drinking.

3, 5, and 7 are get for next action.
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