You are the leader of a Royal Guard unit from Equestria tasked with investigating a disturbance in the Everfree.
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!8NyhHFviMk 2014-12-28 06:23:51 No. 21196331
> You wake up slowly.
> Vision swimming.
> Spitting a few times to clear your mouth of dirt that fills it.
> You must have crashed...
> Muscles ache as you push yourself upright, but it could be a lot worse.
> A crash from that altitude in full armor, you could have broken bones or worse.
> Quickly extending both wings, you give each a few tentative flaps.
> Yep. Aching too, a few feathers out of place, but amazingly not seriously injured.
> You crane your head, eyes turning skyward.
> The whole you made through the dense treelimbs overhead is clearly visible.
> Probably can thank them for still being alive.
> If you'd hit the ground without them breaking your fall-
> A distant rumbling cuts through your thoughts.
> Everything snaps back into focus.
> Your flight!
> The Royal Guard had been dispatched deep into the Everfree following reports of large numbers of unknown creatures emerging near the gates of Tartarus.
> You'd been in formation behind the captain, and then-
> Then...
> Nothing.
> You can't remember anything clearly.
> Just noise, brief flickers of panic and falling, and then waking up.
> Where's the captain?
> Where's your wingpony!
> If you collapsed or blanked out, Cloudy Chance should have come to help you...
> Distant rumbling rolls through the air again and a cold feeling forms in your stomach.
> It may not sound like any fighting you know of, but a battle is unmistakably a battle.
> The urge to flee is strong, but you are still a Guardspony of Equestria.
> What will you do?
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