Why would anyone adopt a useless moth?
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You look in the mirror. It's the same old image, staring back at you. A yellow mane, a blue-ish coat, and eyes as red as a Hearts and Hooves Day candy.

Well, some of the candies. Sometimes they're pink, or purple, or some kind of shade of red that isn't quite red, and it makes you say, "Well, it might as well be red." Most ponies tend not to agree with you on that, but that's not the point. The point is you have red eyes. You like your red eyes.

Or rather, sometimes you liked them. And sometimes you liked your mane and sometimes you liked your coat. It's a rare day that you like all three of them. But you don't need to like all three. Nopony needs to like all three. It doesn't matter what you or anypony else thinks.

All that matters is what you know. You know that you are tough. You know that you are strong. You know that as long as you live, you'll only ever need you and nopony else. You're your own mare, big and strong.

"Cuddle Bug? Miss Cuddle Bug are you there?", shouts a voice from outside your room. It reminds you that you aren't really a big mare. You're still just a filly.

"That nice family I told you about is here to see you! They were very excited to meet you!"
And an orphan. No family to speak of. At least none that you knew of. None that wanted anything to do with you, in any case.

"Are you coming, Miss Cuddle Bug?"

You aren't sure if you are coming. You don't really know if you even care enough to respond to Sister Foster. You've been through this song and dance more than a few times. You don't really care to go through it again.
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