Join Fair Winds on his adventures across the sea as part of the ERN.
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You... are Fair Winds. Chief Warrent Officer, 5th Grade, of the Equestrian Royal Navy.

And right now you are very, very angry. For a very good reason, because you're the Unicorn who was humping his gear through the seedy shanties and ramshackle shacks, sprawling warehouses, and ship chandlery, (both sea and air), towards the airdocks of Seaddle and EUP Olympia.

High up in the northwest of Equestria, Seaddle was a port town, and EUP Olympia the ‘Last Outpost’ of the Equestrian Border, the furthest flotilla composite base of the Royal Equestrian Navy. Home to several old skiffs and patrol ships, and a few larger combat airships, Seaddle was Equestrian territory, but close enough to the borders of the Griffon Kingdom, Crystal Empire, and Yakyakistan to warrant its existence, and that made it a very, very interesting place to live... if you were crazier then the folks that live in Ponyville maybe.

None of these facts really registered with the you as you trot on the stamped-down dirt road beneath the low, gray clouds to the docks. No, the only thing crossing your mind was how annoying it was to hump three hundred pounds worth of engineering equipment in two separate, standard issue seabags,plusfifty pounds worth of personal gear; some important paperwork, your personally owned engineering equipment, your sword, and some civilian clothing. All told, three hundred and fifty pounds of gear, and it was a ten mile trot from town to the docks. Sure, you have a few tricks with Telekinesis that the Guard teach to help lighten the load, but even with muscles and magic, it was a lot of mass to be moving. And, as usual, not a cab in sight.


As of thirty-six... you frown and mentally check the position of the sun. Correction, thirty-SEVEN, hours ago, and a meeting with both Celestia and the Captain of the Guard, you've been ordered to Seaddle to take control of one of the last Battleships of the Airfleet, and the last one in Seaddle- HRMS Risen Glory. (C)
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