Join Fair Winds on his adventures across the sea as part of the ERN.
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[This shit is ambitious to a fault, but hell if I've never not been one to sticking to my guns. This is an Adventure/Comedy with a little Dark Quest. All branching points will be in brackets like this OP is. Good luck Sailor, you're gonna need it.

No Archives or anything of the like at this point in time, no previous thread (no shit Sherlock)]

“Nopony ever said that working for the Royal Guard would be easy pay. Nopony but the recruiters anyway, but everypony knows those swindlers are just spinning tales hard and thick to try to get every able-bodied mare and stallion to meet their quota ‘for Princesses and for Country’. Yeah, that’s a crock-of-bull once you’re actually in, especially on the enlisted side…” -Anonymous Captain of the ERN

You are a proud Sailor of the ERN- Steadfast. Resolute. Loyal.

You are also being transferred to a new post after some... unfortunate, lets call them, 'happenstance' in your home life.

Now you're being posted to a new boat, with a new rank and a new life waiting for you, directly charged to complete your tasking.

Little you may know, but everything could just be riding on your shoulders now, Sailor.

Fair winds, and following seas. Good luck.

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