It's your first day at a brand new school, nothing could possibly go wrong!
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!!Ra5DA0b71+O 2016-04-18 09:45:56 No. 27119885
I've been wanting to run a CYOA here for a while. The initial strawpoll selected joining Moony's nuclear physics club, so we'll go with that.

>There's that special kind of nervousness that only the first day at a new school can bring
>Your mom drops you off an hour early, fortifying you with a kiss on the cheek and a ruffle of your hair
>"Have a good day, alright sweetie? I promise, the girls here will be so much nicer than the ones at Crystal Prep."
>You hang your head, not entirely sure if you can believe her
>After all, highschool kids are highschool kids, right?
>Why would things be any different?
>Still, at least you'll be away from Sugarcoat
>Shouldering your backpack, you say goodbye to your mom, trying your best to swallow the lump currently forming in your throat
>It's gonna be alright, Twilight
>Just don't get in anybody's way, right?
>Just keep to yourself as much as possible
>They can't hate you if you don't give them a reason to, after all
>Can they?
>You take the stairs up to the main entrance, keeping your eyes focused on the ground
>The buzz of chatter surrounds you, but you shut it out
>None of them are talking to you, after all
>Just keep your eyes down until you get to your locker, and then--
>Something crashes into your left side, sending you spilling to the ground
>"Hey! Watch it, dweeb!"
>You rub your head, your entire body seizing up in fear when you see what you ran into
>A tall, muscular girl in a biker jacket is leering down at you, her furious face wreathed in spiky white hair
"I'm s-s-sorry! I d-d-d-d... d-d-d-d..."
>Oh no, this is bad
>Your stutter just seems to make the punk girl angrier
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