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Proportional PunishmentAfter helping his friends Tirek and Discord escape from Tartarus, Anon is given a reward in the form of three alicorn princesses-the very ones who had him imprisoned...textSiManonymousdarkgeneral
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PBRoast And Blend (Ace x Simmer)Ace hits a nerve at a roast and things unexpectedly turn heated.SatyrSimmerAceclop178909/12/16
PBVhatugVolupia Chastity Piercing (Satyr)Volupia has been talking back to her mistress.satyralexanonVolupiaSiM209409/12/15
PBVhatugEventide Erotic Asphyxia (Satyr)Eventide is interested in being Daddy's little slave.EventidesatyrincestclopSiM146609/12/15
PBVinnyVidiViciTeenAnon in: Satyr High School Simmer and IvySimmer makes a couple friends.story:SHSSimmerAlexBellerophon200409/11/15
PBVinnyVidiViciTeenAnon in: Satyr High SchoolSimmer gets bullied. Hard.story:SHSanonSatyrPogoLittle Mac88409/11/15
PBClarissaThe Taming of the SlutLuna finds a master and decides to help Celestia along too.humanizedanonLunaCelestiabimbo1609309/11/15
PBUnreliableAnonOctavia is an assholeOctavia is a pet. A very ungrateful one.OctaviaSiM221709/10/15
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