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Bad MaresTwilight Sparkle kills or scars all of her friends. AccidentallyimageadventureTwilight Sparkleineptpony quest
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PBRokoPoko1What it means to be Family.Twilight and her daughter Glimmer have a strained relationship with the surfacing of Glimmer's magic abilities.GlimmerSatyrSoLTwilight SparkleAnonymous972109/20/16
PBNehem(Explicit) Breaking and EnteringAnon's harder than a stat-oh, already a description for that? It's Twilight, go for it.AnonAiETwilight Sparklecloprape343011/19/15
PBWF-IgorYou spent a long time with DerpyDerpy and Anon consummate their relationship while Twilight tries to ensure he doesn't literally fuck her to death.AnonDerpyTwilight Sparkleclopthreesome304210/11/15
PBWF-IgorYou spent a long time with Twilight SparkleAnon and Twilight have an awkward first time together.AnonTwilight SparkleClop214210/11/15
PBIchiroSato/mlp/ satyr stories: Princess HopeHope is the Princess of the Satyrs. With a capital P.satyrHopeTwilight Sparkle422409/12/15
PBSwift_M0nkey[Satyr] Second Chance Part 2An unsuspecting Anon has a kid sprung upon him.anonsatyrFluttershyVivianTwilight Sparkle132309/12/15
PBClarissa(MLO) Learning by the Books Pt 3It's mommy's birthday and you want to maker her happy.Story:LbtBTwilight SparklemloAnonponeincest165009/11/15
PBClarissa(MLO) Learning by the Books Pt 1It's mommy's birthday and you want to maker her happy.Story:LbtBTwilight SparklemloAnonponeSpike193709/11/15
PBClarissa(MLO) Learning by the Books Pt 2You find out you have another mommy.Story:LbtBTwilight SparklemloAnonponeCelestia167909/11/15
PBClarissaHappy Birthday!Prompt thread Sparkle48809/11/15
PBAltanus[AiE]: Holding CourtAnon draws his own cutie mark. Twilight disproves.Twilight SparkleMain 6anon399809/10/15
PBHobbyponyDreamy StarsTwilight wishes on a shooting star for her soulmate. He shows up.Twilight Sparkleanon101409/10/15
PBaaronamethystSaturday Night TwilightTwilight Sparkle hosts an informational radio show.Twilight Sparkle53309/10/15
PBSgtStrangelove[Glimmer] GoodbyeThe knight of magic takes his leave.Twilight SparkleGlimmeranonsatyr62909/08/15
PBVeraduxOne Last Full MoonIt's been 3 years since Luna vanished. Rainbow Dash thinks she found her.LunaRainbow DashTwilight SparkleLunaanon998309/08/15
PBThat_Happy_Guy[Satyr] Day MILFSA series of shorts about milfs.GarnetPogosatyrRarityGilda57909/08/15
PBThat_Happy_Guy[EqG] MathAnon: The tale of math and brain boners.Women find math hot.anonTwilight SparkleTrixieclop4253109/08/15
PBtogashiFaithful - Chap 1 - A Royal AudienceTwilight learns intimacy.Story:FaithfulTwilight SparkleCelestiafoalconclop844709/08/15
PBtogashiFaithful - Chap 3 - DecorumTwilight learns intimacy.Story:FaithfulTwilight SparkleCelestiafoalconclop884809/08/15
PBtogashiFaithful - Chap 2 - Trials and TribulationsTwilight learns intimacy.Story:FaithfulTwilight SparkleCelestiafoalconclop597309/08/15
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