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11-54A facility was created in secret to discover the secret to alicornhood. You wake up to the facility having been abandoned for years.imagesuspensehorrorbathwaterhero
Anon in QuestriaAnon is adventuring in 'Questria.imagebathwaterhero
AscentYou are the hero the people need, to slay the dragon and save the village. Now if only the climb weren't so steep.imageadventurebathwaterhero
Custos LunaSilver Smith has been conscripted into Equestria's Lunar Guard. How will she survive in this time of civil war?textwarbat
Darkest HourYou are a member of the Night Guard while civil war shatters the newborn kingdom of Equestria. Will you find a way to live through this chaos?textadventurebat
EntrapmentCan you survive gladiatorial combat?imageactionlewdbathwaterhero
Expirimental CYOAJust don't.imagethebathwaterherodark
Hype QuestYour wings hurt, your wife is pregnant, and curses are a very real possibility. You are Hype and this is your quest.textcomedySoLresurrectedbat
KeeperWill the filly find out why she's here?imageminiquestbathwaterhero
LandFallAn intrepid young filly is caught up in an adventure when all of the household objects around her come to life!imagespookylewdmothbathwaterhero
Semantic ErrorAs a cheap hacker you've see your fair share of secrets. What happens when you see something a powerful pony decides you shouldn't have?imagecyberpunkactiongrittybathwaterhero
SpacePonies in space with spaceships.textspaceactionbatpony
Urban SurvivalYou are a supremacist white unicorn, cursed to transform into a batpony every night. How will you break your curse?textbatsSoLcomedyresurrected
VamponyAfter a drunken one night stand, a peaceful batpony named Mango found herself changed. She couldn't see her reflection, and had a thirst for blood.textmulti-qmbat
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PBWF-IgorYou spent a long time with FlutterbatAnon fucks the bat out of Flutterbat. The weebshit makes more sense in context.AnonFlutterbatbatclopFluttershy242510/30/15
PBGentlemanPsychoThe Misadvetures of Spaghetti and Trap 2 - The TrainAux and Hekesuh can't get a break in their hometown, so they're off to see the world!trapbatHekesuhAuxStrawberry134910/11/15
PBGentlemanPsychoThe Misadventures of Spaghetti and Trap - The Red DressAux and Hekesuh can't get a break in their hometown, so they're off to see the world!trapbatHekesuhAux108210/11/15
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