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Broken HeartsWhy would anyone adopt a useless moth?textSoLmothchangelingmora
Give and TakeYou are a fresh hatchling ready to take on the world! The world just so happens to be at war and you're dropped right in the middle of it.imageadventurechangelinginept
Space HunterYou've outgrown home and it's time to make it on your own. You'll make your mom and dad proud in the mercenary tradetextspacesci-fichangeling
Space VexYou are the leader of a Mercenary crew in space. Take jobs and make your mark on the galaxy.textactionadventurespacedaughteru
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PBGrantedCharming a ChangelingBig Mac gets a midnight visitor.Big Macchangelinggayclop323701/21/16
PBMLP-PregnancySkirris The BreederFlitter gets to learn her new place as an incubator.SkirrisovipositionchangelingFlitterclop276712/08/15
PBWintergaleOn the Origin of ChangelingsIt truly majestic.Chrysalischangeling96809/16/15
PBWintergaleBy the Decree of the Most Elevated CouncilDid you know that changelings actually just pick the tallest changeling around as their queen?Chrysalischangeling39909/16/15
PBWintergaleThe Unlovable (postponed)As a undercover Changeling falls in love with her target, she takes a difficult decision.VanyachangelingNympha84009/16/15
PBWintergaleChangeling Hive Creation Tables (side-project) (in progress)As a brief side-project, these creation tables will allow for the random generation of Changeling Hives, Queens, and Domains, with the intent of being fairly modularchangelingmeta208209/16/15
PBCYOA_AiEMistake One ShotsA bunch of short Mistake one shots.MistakeChangelinganonsatyrcollection121609/11/15
PBClarissaChrysalis CondemnedChrysalis is forced from her ancestral home.Chrysalischangeling612409/11/15
PBSeaswirlChangeling DrabbleTwo long term plans collide.HopesatyrchangelingChrysalis213609/07/15
PBSeaswirlAn apple never falls far from the treeAn apple romance.Cinnamon Cideranonchangelingsatyr396109/07/15
PBMythanonMarcy shorts [satyr][Chrysalis]A collection of Marcy/Mistake shorts.SatyrAnonchangeling402609/06/15
PBLunaguyIn Search of Mother: Prologue [Satyr]Anon has between 70-100 kidsstory:ISoMAnonprosesatyrchangeling179809/06/15
PBLunaguyIn Search of Mother: Chapter II [Satyr]Anon has between 70-100 kidsstory:ISoMAnonprosesatyrchangeling589609/06/15
PBLunaguyIn Search of Mother: Chapter I [Satyr]Anon has between 70-100 kidsstory:ISoMAnonprosesatyrchangeling395109/06/15
PBLunaguyIn Search of Mother: Chapter V [Satyr]Anon has between 70-100 kidsstory:ISoMAnonprosesatyrchangeling525209/06/15
PBLunaguyIn Search of Mother: Chapter VI [Satyr]Anon has between 70-100 kidsstory:ISoMAnonprosesatyrchangeling399709/06/15
PBLunaguyIn Search of Mother: Chapter III [Satyr]Anon has between 70-100 kidsstory:ISoMAnonprosesatyrchangeling724409/06/15
PBLunaguyIn Search of Mother: Chapter IV [Satyr]Anon has between 70-100 kidsstory:ISoMAnonprosesatyrchangeling565009/06/15
PBLunaguyISoM Thanksgiving Short [Satyr]A nice changeling dinner.prosesatyrchangeling185109/06/15
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