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Cuddle MercYou have honed your skills on your parents plants. Your aim is impeccable, your weapon is wet. You'll defeat all that stand in your way. As long as you don't get grounded first.textcutequestriawar
NecroQuestYou've been summoned by a black magic user to save the region from a necromancer. What could go wrong?imageanonymouscute
Serve, Honor, CuddleYou are a recruit fresh from boop camp put onto an elite team to deal with the harshest maladies that plague Equestria.textcutequestria
Shittily Drawn CYOAWhere we're going there is no fourth wallimagecute
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PBAmm_Twilight and Anon - Braving the Terrible OutsideThe Outside is a terrible thing.Twilight SparkleAnoncute66009/01/15
PBAmm_Twilight and Anon - Revenge is a Dish Best Served CuteTwilight doesn't appreciate comments about her eating skills.Twilight SparkleAnoncute44909/01/15
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