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Expirimental CYOAJust don't.imagethebathwaterherodark
GeneQuestWelcome to the Center for Genetic Advancements and Technologies! Your job is to take care of a growing cell and appeasing our investors.imagehijackerscifidark
Proportional PunishmentAfter helping his friends Tirek and Discord escape from Tartarus, Anon is given a reward in the form of three alicorn princesses-the very ones who had him imprisoned...textSiManonymousdarkgeneral
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PBMythanonDarkest SatyrA satyr story based around the Darkest DungeonadventureUtahWarrenRoryOrion233003/14/16
PBClarissaPummeling PommelCoco was great for a while. But recently she's been fucking up a little too much.Coco PommelAnonbeatingrapeclop217409/11/15
PBHobbypony[Grimderp] Surprise!Anon kills Pinkie. It's pointlessly dark.anonPinkie Piedarkgrimderp80609/10/15
PBtogashiMost Wonderful of NightsPipsqueak finds his favorite princess in a compromising position.LunaPipsqueakfoalconcloprape377309/08/15
PBtogashiPebbles and SandWhen Pinkie left the farm, two fillies were left behind.Inkie PieBlinkie PiespankingPapa Piefoalcon477609/08/15
PBJibberLyra's Misery (Explicit +18)Anon is injured and Lyra takes good care of him.LyraanonZecoraTwilight Sparkleclop2218709/06/15
PBJibberFatal Fluttershy (Explicit +18)Sequel to Lyra's MiseryFluttershyanonTwilight SparklePinkie Pieclop2004609/06/15
PBEtiquette[Prose, Grimdark, Gore, Mature] The FeastDelicious.Main 6grimdarkgore363009/06/15
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