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Canterlot UniversityYou lucked your way through high school and now it's time to attend university with humanized ponies.texteqgSoLanonymous
Canterlot University+A sequel/reboot to Canterlot UniversitytexteqgSoLanonymous
EqG Human Porn QuestFuck the entire cast with human skin coloring.imagelsaeqganonymouslewd
EqG Porn QuestFuck the entire cast with equestria girl coloring.imagelsaeqganonymouslewd
SciTwi QuestIt's your first day at a brand new school, nothing could possibly go wrong!texteqgcomedylewd
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PBFingerbangingMLPGraduate Anon - Trap with Benefits (Vinyl)Anon discovers Vinyl's secret. And doesn't mind one bit.trapeqgVinyl ScratchAnonclop414010/11/15
PBd-techOctoberfest with BabsHaving a good time with Babs.eqgBabs Seedanonclop211909/12/15
PBd-techMilkyshy (CHS bimbo)Applejack helps Fluttershy milk herself.eqgbimboFluttershyApplejacklactation49809/12/15
PBd-techThe New Home-Ec Teacher_edited (CHS Bimbo)Twist is a surprisingly good baker.eqgCMCCheerileeTwistbimbo1124009/12/15
PBd-techRarity's Glimpse of the Future (CHS Bimbo)Sweetie Belle is growing up faster than Rarity expected.eqgbimboRaritySweetie Belle54609/12/15
PBd-techTrixie's Troubles (CHS Bimbo)Trixie's tits are very sensitive.eqgbimboTrixieclop65309/12/15
PBClarissaShotAnon x Gilda (Femdom)Gilda decides Anon owes her.eqgGildaAnonfemdomclop344009/11/15
PBUnreliableAnonHumanized/EQG Chrysalis"Hey Anon, I heard you girlfriend won't do anal."eqgChrysalisanonclopanal1173609/10/15
PBUnreliableAnonQuick Anon X Sunset sex promptJust a quickie.eqgSunset Shimmeranonclopbj72809/10/15
PBUnreliableAnonAnon and Sunset.Anon and Sunset try to figure out their financial troubles.eqgSunset ShimmeranonEventide425409/10/15
PBThat_Happy_Guy[EqG] Sonata Dusk: The Clutzy Reform (WiP)You help Sonata grow to help herself.AnonSonataeqgclopbj4668809/08/15
PBLunaguyEquestria Girls Fluttershy eats a dude or something [MMP]What it says on the tinmacroFluttershyeqgvore166809/06/15
PBLunaguyEQG Trixie [MMP] (Unfinished)Stuck with a massive Trixie.eqgmacroTrixieproseanon429909/06/15
PBJibber[EqG] Anon x SonataSonata rapes anonSonataAnonclopeqgbj435609/06/15
PBJibber[EqG:RR] Lost but Found (Part 1)Anon gives Sonata a second chance.eqganonSonata401609/06/15
PBAmm_EQG!LunaxAnon - I want to kiss Vice Principal LunaLuna has interesting opinions.LunaEQGAnonclop361109/01/15
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