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A Foal‘s AdventureA foal escapes an abusive house to go out and adventure on her own. What lies in store for her?imageadventurefoalconlewd quest
ColorblindYour name is Puppy. Master's been gone for longer than normal. Maybe you should go find him.textsuspensefoalcon
ColtQuestYou are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?foalconlewd questimagetrapficfic
Foal Quest -XYou are an innocent young foal in a not-so-innocent world.imageadventurelewdlewd questnips
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PBGypsyWritefagMILF - Role Reversal (Foalcon/Incest/Futa)Button's Mom pegs button then gets a tf potions from Zecora.clopgtftfButtonButton's mom478607/11/16
PBIamYEEPZA Niece's DescoveryMelody gets her Uncle a nice present!MelodyScribblefoalconclop502801/28/16
PBMLP-PregnancyThe Broodfilly 2: Expectant BoogalooA pregnant filly gets used by another foal.foalconpregnancyBundle Joyclop159610/06/15
PBMLP-PregnancyThe BroodfillyA very potent filly learns her place.foalconpregnancyBundle Joyclop374410/06/15
PBtogashiFaithful - Chap 1 - A Royal AudienceTwilight learns intimacy.Story:FaithfulTwilight SparkleCelestiafoalconclop844709/08/15
PBtogashiFaithful - Chap 3 - DecorumTwilight learns intimacy.Story:FaithfulTwilight SparkleCelestiafoalconclop884809/08/15
PBtogashiFaithful - Chap 2 - Trials and TribulationsTwilight learns intimacy.Story:FaithfulTwilight SparkleCelestiafoalconclop597309/08/15
PBtogashiWe can make her faster, stronger.Scoots gets a piercingScootalooRarityRainbow Dashfoalcon70209/08/15
PBtogashiMost Wonderful of NightsPipsqueak finds his favorite princess in a compromising position.LunaPipsqueakfoalconcloprape377309/08/15
PBtogashiPebbles and SandWhen Pinkie left the farm, two fillies were left behind.Inkie PieBlinkie PiespankingPapa Piefoalcon477609/08/15
PBtogashiSmoldering ScalesSweetie Belle's obsession goes a bit too far.Sweetie BellefoalconRarity1515409/08/15
PBtogashiÉlégie, Opus 24 - EncoreVinyl is pushed into a world of drugs and sex.Story:FaithfulTwilight SparkleCelestiafoalconclop73009/08/15
PBtogashiFilly Scout DeliteRarity discovers a new cookie recipe.Tag AlongRarityfoalconcloprape909609/08/15
PBtogashiFaithful - Chap 4 - SeveranceTwilight learns intimacy.Story:FaithfulTwilight SparkleCelestiafoalconclop546409/08/15
PBtogashiVesselNew vessels for the queen.ChrysalisCMCfoalconrapeoviposition257509/08/15
PBtogashiA Willing ToyA new experience for an old toy.AnonScootaloofoalconclopwingplay112509/08/15
PBtogashiSuppressedDerpy helps her little foal with her first heat.DerpyDinkyclopincestfoalcon497109/08/15
PBtogashiCrusadersThe Crusaders have fun with Rumble.CMCRumblefoalconclop222309/08/15
PBtogashiBe a Good Little PonyBabysitting Sweetie BelleSweetie Belleanonclopfoalcon118909/08/15
PBtogashiThe ContractAnon is the little mareanonTwilight Sparklefoalcon390109/08/15
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