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Stuck in the Middle With YouA gay moth, effeminate edgy bat, and tough changeling walk into a bar.textmothgaydetectivesloth
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PBGoldieStoriesGolden Brisk Incest Story (CLOP)Iron Maiden comes across her son diddling himself and decides to show him how it's done.Godlen BriskIron MaidenSextant Railgaypegging369804/03/16
PBToughShitIncubus Stories Pt.1Ink hunts for his new pray. But comes across more than he ever expected.Inkclopgaythreesome250801/22/16
PBLeucine[WIP] [CLOP] Beat of the Heart - Anonpone x Vinyl ScratchAnonpony gets surprised when Vinyl has something he didn't expect.Vinyl ScratchAnonponyclopgaytrap1657801/21/16
PBFlightAnonCollab: Hoity on the Runway (Hoity x Fashionpone)Runway Strut is given the opportunity of a lifetime when Hoity Toity visits him backstage.Hoity ToityRunway Strutclopgayexibitionist480501/21/16
PBGrantedCharming a ChangelingBig Mac gets a midnight visitor.Big Macchangelinggayclop323701/21/16
PBMacStablemanRoll for Love (Clop, Shining Armor x Anonpony, Incom.)Shining Armour invites an old friend to a game night.ShiningAnonponygayclop672901/16/16
PBMacStablemanLeather and Lace (Clop, Elusive x Audience OC)Elusive needs to find a new model. Anonpony is right for the job.ElusiveAnonponyclopgaysissification574801/14/16
PBLeucine[WIP] [CLOP] A Night in Shining ArmourShining Armour learns what it means to be a mare.ShiningCadenceguardssissificationgay598701/14/16
PBSombra's DealShining Submits to SombraShiningSombragayclopmind control958001/13/16
PBSeaswirlGala & Midas [WIP]A midnight encounter.Red GalaBic Macsatyrmidasclop421609/07/15
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