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Big Mare HeroYou are a big mare and your job is to protect all the little pones.imagecomicactionmacrofins
Big MaresYou live in a world filled with big mares and as a stallion it is your duty to test the fluffiness of each.imagemacrobeardSoL
BiglestiaYou are the goddess of the sun and you will protect your little ponies! Even as they get littler and littler...textmacrocomedygeneral
Macro-QuestYou are Anonymous, a human appeared in a world of massive ponies. What will you do when a certain animal lover takes note of you?imagelewdanonymousmacro
The Equestrian WarsYou're a big Celestian mare, you've kidnapped a changeling and work with a hobbit. What will you do next on your path to glorifying your god?textwarreligionmacro
TineponeHow will you, a tiny pone not the size of a bit, survive through life in a world full of giants?imageineptmacro
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PBdecemberweenmackereldear god, what have we done.Summary of the first dozen threads.cyoamacro140106/29/16
PBHype gets laidGlizelle enjoys some micro shenanigans with Hype.HypeclopmacroGlizelle367001/18/16
PBChangeling_FagUrban Survival CYOA non canon Macro LewdGar falls under Nightlight's spell.macrolewdNightlightGar422812/17/15
PBd-techCelestia's Morning (Giantess)Celestia wakes up and goes to raise the sun.humanizedCelestiaMacro175809/12/15
PBLunaguyLyra: FOTY Edition [MMP]Lyra finds a tiny human.anonLyraBon Bonprosemacro679809/06/15
PBLunaguyA Minor Melody [MMP]Tiny Octavia has to rouse a passed out Vinyl.OctaviaVinyl Scratchmacroclop329709/06/15
PBLunaguyEQG Trixie [MMP] (Unfinished)Stuck with a massive Trixie.eqgmacroTrixieproseanon429909/06/15
PBLunaguyAnonpony and Milky Way [MMP]Anonpone is tricked by poison joke.proseAnonponeMilky Waymacro223309/06/15
PBLunaguyEquestria Girls Fluttershy eats a dude or something [MMP]What it says on the tinmacroFluttershyeqgvore166809/06/15
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