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Big Mare HeroYou are a big mare and your job is to protect all the little pones.imagecomicactionmacrofins
Big MaresYou live in a world filled with big mares and as a stallion it is your duty to test the fluffiness of each.imagemacrobeardSoL
Macro minisMini quests focused on the macro.textmacrocomedygeneralpleeny
Macro-QuestYou are Anonymous, a human appeared in a world of massive ponies. What will you do when a certain animal lover takes note of you?imagelewdanonymousmacro
The Equestrian WarsYou're a big Celestian mare, you've kidnapped a changeling and work with a hobbit. What will you do next on your path to glorifying your god?textwarreligionmacro
TineponeHow will you, a tiny pone not the size of a bit, survive through life in a world full of giants?imageineptmacro
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PBdecemberweenmackereldear god, what have we done.Summary of the first dozen threads.cyoamacro140106/29/16
PBHype gets laidGlizelle enjoys some micro shenanigans with Hype.HypeclopmacroGlizelle367001/18/16
PBChangeling_FagUrban Survival CYOA non canon Macro LewdGar falls under Nightlight's spell.macrolewdNightlightGar422812/17/15
PBd-techCelestia's Morning (Giantess)Celestia wakes up and goes to raise the sun.humanizedCelestiaMacro175809/12/15
PBLunaguyLyra: FOTY Edition [MMP]Lyra finds a tiny human.anonLyraBon Bonprosemacro679809/06/15
PBLunaguyA Minor Melody [MMP]Tiny Octavia has to rouse a passed out Vinyl.OctaviaVinyl Scratchmacroclop329709/06/15
PBLunaguyEquestria Girls Fluttershy eats a dude or something [MMP]What it says on the tinmacroFluttershyeqgvore166809/06/15
PBLunaguyAnonpony and Milky Way [MMP]Anonpone is tricked by poison joke.proseAnonponeMilky Waymacro223309/06/15
PBLunaguyEQG Trixie [MMP] (Unfinished)Stuck with a massive Trixie.eqgmacroTrixieproseanon429909/06/15
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