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Ponk SleepoverPinkie has been sending you a lot of packages recently. Maybe it's time to get to the bottom of it?imagelewd questpinkie
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PBNehemPinkie gets PonkedAnon's harder than a statue since he's been here, and he knows just which pink party pony to ponk.AnonAiEPinkie Piecloprape263911/19/15
PBWF-IgorYou spent a long time with Pinkie PiePinkie and Anon play with their food in bed.AnonPinkie Pieclopfoodplay192610/11/15
PBd-techTwist's Blossoming SummerTwists grows bigger under the guidance of Pinkie and Mrs. Cake.humanizedTwistPinkie Pie278609/12/15
PBClarissaThe RavePinkie Pie decides Rarity is a little too stuck up.humanizedPinkie Pieraritycumflationclop233209/11/15
PBAltanus[RT] Ponies Rejecting AnonPinkie misconstrues Fluttershy's silence.AnonFluttershyPInkie Pie189909/10/15
PBHobbypony[Grimderp] Surprise!Anon kills Pinkie. It's pointlessly dark.anonPinkie Piedarkgrimderp80609/10/15
PBLunaguySalt Lickers Anonymous: The finger-lickin' good sequel [AiE]Pinkie discovers that Anon sweats.AnonPinkie Pie147709/06/15
PBJibberFatal Fluttershy (Explicit +18)Sequel to Lyra's MiseryFluttershyanonTwilight SparklePinkie Pieclop2004609/06/15
PBEtiquette[Pinkie][FR, Silly, Clop] The Portal, AnniversaryA good way to celebrate an aniversarry.AnonPinkie Pie321909/06/15
PBEtiquette[Just for Fun] Hotline AnonymousAnon runs a hotline.anonPinkie PieRarityLunaGilda182009/06/15
PBBoldingShitty Day (Oneshot)Anon has rectal problems.AnonPinkie Pie34809/06/15
PBBoldingA Surprise IndeedIt's not always a good thing.AnonPinkie Pie118709/06/15
PBBoldingNo Apples No MoreApples. In poem form.AnonApplejackPinkie Pie51109/06/15
PBSindhariPogo is a DickPogo plays a prank on his mom. Anonymous suffers.PogoAnonymousPinkie Piesatyr44508/30/15
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