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Conquest of ParadiseYou are a young noble deer, the daughter of the rulers of the local province.SoLtextdeerpluto
NebulaYou're a big stallion with big dreams to do big things. In Space!textsci-ficomedyplutospace
No More HeroesThey're after you. Can you survive when you're up against supers?textadventurecyberpunksuperpluto
OutcastsYou are the prettiest raider at the camp. You'll also take the dick of anyone that looks at you cross-ways, for good or bad. What adventures will you get up to in the wasteland?textfoeadventurepluto
Rise of ParadiseA sequel to Conquest of Paradisetextplutokingdom sim
SupernovaA sequel to Nebula.textspacecomedyplutosci-fi
Wide Open SkiesA CYOA about farming!textfarmingSoLpluto
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