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Fright Night For HypeIt's Halloween for Hype and he's afright.textminiquestresurrected
Hype QuestYour wings hurt, your wife is pregnant, and curses are a very real possibility. You are Hype and this is your quest.textcomedySoLresurrectedbat
Urban SurvivalYou are a supremacist white unicorn, cursed to transform into a batpony every night. How will you break your curse?textbatsSoLcomedyresurrected
WarrantFollow a catbird in a racist community as he tries to live his life.textSoLresurrected
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PBThat_Happy_Guy[Satyr] Melody's first timeMelody and Presto share their first time together.PrestoMelodysatyrclop235909/08/15
PBmorningGarret - Exploring OneselfGarret and Anon don't get along.Garnetsatyrcross-dressingAnon93809/06/15
PBAtomicman015Midnight CaravanA midnight encountersatyrPrestoTrixieAnon133509/06/15
PBAtomicman015A week in Manehatten: Book Three - Movie NightA family performs a magic show.story:aWiMsatyrPrestoAnonTrixie95109/06/15
PBAtomicman015A week in Manehatten: Book One - Arrival - High PlacesA family performs a magic show.story:aWiMsatyrPrestoAnonTrixie213309/06/15
PBAtomicman015A week in Manehatten: Book Two - Magic ShowA family performs a magic show.story:aWiMsatyrPrestoAnonTrixie142309/06/15
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