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Away from home but not aloneYou wake up to find yourself in a forest with a colorful equine as company. Surely nothing could go wrong.textanonymousromance
Black Mage AnonUnicorns are supposed to be smart. You bought a unicorn off of a two bit mage that's dumb as a brick. Is that all there is to her?textslaveadventureromanceanonymous
Celestia QuestSave Twilight, romance Celestia, save the world.textanonymousadventureromance
Mazes and MedusasYou're woken up from a stone prison to save a world you no longer know with ponies you don't know.textadventureromance
Rock of LoveYou get a job at the rock farm. Will you be able to woo one of the Pie sisters?textromance
The Lamentations of Suri PolomareAnonymous has decided to make it on his own in Manehatten. Sadly, you are the ones controlling him so you'll be fucking up every step of the way.anonymousSoLcomedyromance
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PBmorningMyocardial InfectionAnon saves Aloe. Aloe takes care of Anon.AnonAloeLotusromance1441209/06/15
PBAmm_Luna and Twilight - Fighting a GoddessLuna teaches Twilight how to fight.LunaTwilightRomance52809/01/15
PBAmm_NMM & Anon - Let's Count the StarsFluff.NMMAnonromance41409/01/15
PBAmm_NMM & Anon - Counting StarsGo with Nightmare to subdue her enemies.NMMAnonromance61309/01/15
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