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CurwhibblesYour father has disappeared and you're on the hunt to find him.textmysterysatyr
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PBMythanonTitle here (Featuring Utah and Gale)Gale is a villainsatyrsUtahGaleBuoyaction344711/06/16
PBWoodwoesErrands (Blare)Blare picks up a treat for herself after grocery shopping for the foster home.BlareSatyrSoL163910/04/16
PBCYOA_AiEMuddled MelodyMelody goes to the park and forms a peculiar friendship with Muddle.MuddleMelodySatyrSoL347810/04/16
PBCYOA_AiESmutShots: 9/10/16A collection of smutty one shots from /satyr/.Satyrclopcollectionsmut538210/04/16
PBA Different Kind Of Exploration [Ace]Ace discovers new sensations unbeknownst to her as she explores her body.SatyrAceclop120409/27/16
PBRokoPoko1What it means to be Family.Twilight and her daughter Glimmer have a strained relationship with the surfacing of Glimmer's magic abilities.GlimmerSatyrSoLTwilight SparkleAnonymous972109/20/16
PBOne Glum Tuesday (Darcy)It's a slow evening at The Lady Apple until a new patron enters the bar feeling a little low.DarcySatyrSoLAnonymousShort103309/20/16
PBThe Lady Apple BarThe Apples are fixing to open up a bar and they put Darcy in charge of it.DarcySatyrSoL278009/18/16
PBPhasers To Fun (Venus)Anon takes Venus to her first con and run into Shining Armor.AnonVenussatyrSolShining Armor163309/14/16
PBGrowing Pains (Darcy x Pogo)Darcy looks after Pogo but quickly finds out he's not the innocent little boy she once knewSatyrPogoDarcyclop127409/12/16
PBRoast And Blend (Ace x Simmer)Ace hits a nerve at a roast and things unexpectedly turn heated.SatyrSimmerAceclop178909/12/16
PBCloser (Pogo x Alex)Pogo and Alex have some trouble with their intimacySatyrAlexPogoclop248409/11/16
PBJoist & PalletteTwo new satyrs arrive to work in Ponyville.SatyrJoistPalleteSoL152508/19/16
PBVhatugMelody Learns to ReadAnon reinvents braille so Melody can read.AnonDerpyMistyMelodysatyr197206/17/16
PBVhatugSatyr One-Shots (6-07-16)A number of satyr shorts, mostly explicit.anonsatyrclopincest662706/07/16
PBWoodwoesThe Samurai & The Diplomat - 1 (Hope x Gumdrop)In an alternative Equestria, two siblings start their paths to peace when their country is beset by clan feuds and warring statesSatyrHopeGumdropAdventure151806/04/16
PBWoodwoesConduct (Blare)A short look into Blare's family life.BlareSatyr233804/17/16
PBFrostyboxSatyr RGRE: Gumdrop's FuneralAnon's family faces parenting drama after Gumdrop swallows a coin.SatyrHopeGumdropLyraBon Bon464804/15/16
PBMythanonDarkest SatyrA satyr story based around the Darkest DungeonadventureUtahWarrenRoryOrion233003/14/16
PBFluttercupsSatyrsitting Green PeaceGreen Peace learns about nature with auntie Fluttershy.Tree HuggeranonsatyrFluttershyGreen Peace126209/13/15
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