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ColtQuestYou are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?foalconlewd questimagetrapficfic
Death in the AfternoonYou're a feminine stallion that recently got a job as a bartender at a simple bar between Manehattan and the Hollow Shades.traplewdSoLimage
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PBGoldieStoriesGolden Brisk Incest Story (CLOP)Iron Maiden comes across her son diddling himself and decides to show him how it's done.Godlen BriskIron MaidenSextant Railgaypegging369804/03/16
PBCrazyIvanGoldie and Silver's Threesome Ft. TwistTwist brings our favorite traps home after drinking in a bar for some fun times.TwistGolden BriskSilver Breezepegginganal438104/03/16
PBLeucine[WIP] [CLOP] Beat of the Heart - Anonpone x Vinyl ScratchAnonpony gets surprised when Vinyl has something he didn't expect.Vinyl ScratchAnonponyclopgaytrap1657801/21/16
PBGentlemanPsychoThe Misadvetures of Spaghetti and Trap 2 - The TrainAux and Hekesuh can't get a break in their hometown, so they're off to see the world!trapbatHekesuhAuxStrawberry134910/11/15
PBFingerbangingMLPGraduate Anon - Trap with Benefits (Vinyl)Anon discovers Vinyl's secret. And doesn't mind one bit.trapeqgVinyl ScratchAnonclop414010/11/15
PBGentlemanPsychoThe Misadventures of Spaghetti and Trap - The Red DressAux and Hekesuh can't get a break in their hometown, so they're off to see the world!trapbatHekesuhAux108210/11/15
PBFunnyValMothponeThe Trap TestGemini gives Virgo some pointers.trapmothGeminiVirgoAnon128810/11/15
PBFrankHogs555Vinyl trapAnonpone takes Vinyl home and gets a surprise.trapVinyl ScratchclopAnonpone74410/11/15
PBmothponeAnon - TrapsAnon brushes his friend's mane.trapmothGeminiAnon87010/11/15
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