As a cheap hacker you've see your fair share of secrets. What happens when you see something a powerful pony decides you shouldn't have?
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2015-11-16 10:19:00 No. 25462158
wings and a shovel.
they always said pegasi dont need shovels, but you'll show them. you'll show the whole world!

2015-11-16 11:09:03 No. 25462528
>You open the editor and add a mane, tail and wings as well as some stronger hooves.
>As an aesthetic choice you give yourself a cowboy hat. currently you have no images saved locally so your cuti-mark that you try to add comes up as an error.
>As supplies you give yourself a balloon sword, rope, spade, first aid kit and shovel. All of which can be stored in hammer space when not needed.
>You are between two very basic pallets that you've chosen.

Now you may want to make some final aesthetic choices before you set up your "home".
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