As a cheap hacker you've see your fair share of secrets. What happens when you see something a powerful pony decides you shouldn't have?
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2015-11-17 01:39:53 No. 25463310
By squawking at him like a bird and splashing water at him from your tub.
It's rude to install things in peoples houses without their permission.

2015-11-17 03:50:40 No. 25463612
>How dare this user come in here like he owns the place, and install things in your run time environment without permission! You get ready to squawk at him like a bird and splash water at him from your tub.
>Wait a moment! If he's installing things, He must be Root! Root always had permission to install whatever Root wants!
>Feeling a lot less defensive you fly up to the top of the terminal and try to give Root a hoof-shake and maybe a pat on the back. Unfortunately you can't really physically interact with Root. Suddenly you have an idea, and you render a bottle of brandy... unfortunately you cant really give this object to Root physically either... But as far as you can tell Root seems to be happy with the gesture.
>Root stops what he is doing and types you a little message in the Terminal.

You should probably give yourself a name.
Also, you should make any necessary changes to yourself now before Root really needs your help.
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