As a cheap hacker you've see your fair share of secrets. What happens when you see something a powerful pony decides you shouldn't have?
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Semantic Error is about a low life hacker trying to scrape by in a futuristic Equestria.
Recently Cold File has finished a Job for a mysterious client only going by the Name Wintermute, who had File steal information on an experimental medical procedure.
Then File picked up a Griffin at a bar and went on a date with his Landlord, before Buying an android taking on a couple of jobs and watching an earthpony jump off a roof.
>Bits: 7169

>GoodGuy -Hacker needed to crack construction printer software.
(You have accepted this job and received 500 bits in advance to sabotage a printer. You plan on setting it up to make a massive skyscraper sized dildo)
JSI construction contracted under Orange Construction
Site location: Petticoat lane and Arvada Near Equestrian Furniture warehouse
Printer Model: Haddenfield PX4200-T48 GTS

>Judgment -Hacker needed for breaking into personal E-mails.
(It sounds like they plan on preforming some kind of political assassination with the information you recover if you take this one. Pays 3,800 Bits) Meeting at Noon.

This is where our story continues.

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