A CYOA about farming!
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The rain came down hard and heavy, though it was usually like that. It's what you get living in the small town of Seaside, Equestria. Situated right on the coast of the western ocean.
You didn't have much of a choice in the matter either: Being a little, four year old foal, that was homeless and your only possession being a cardboard box that was helping shield you from the rain as it came down.
You were the Seaside foal that nobody wanted. Sometimes one of the large number of tourists that came to this small town would give you some water, or even food, but that was it. Nothing else.
It's currently been a week since you had any food. It's been raining for a few days meaning only the townfolk that lived there came out and not the tourists.
You looked down towards the growing puddle in front of you and your box, looking at your form.

What do you look like?
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