The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> "Are you sure, sir? I mean, she did-"
"Yes, I'll be quite alright."
> "If you insist, sir."
> The cell door slides aside with a grinding screech, allowing you an unrestricted view of the pony shackled within.
> Her head rises slowly, mane hanging in long pink curtains to either side of her head.
> Eyes locking on to you with a fearsome focus to them.
> If not for the bit lodged firmly between her jaws, you suspect she'd already have slung some insult or quip at you.
> Irregardless.
> Pulling over a stool, you settle down on it and rest your elbows on your thighs, meeting her eyes easily.
> The alicorn's hooves had been hoisted above her head, leaving her body stretched unnaturally under her own weight.
> At least whoever had shackled her up like that had allowed her hindlegs to touch the floor, sparing her the agony of being suspended on her shoulders.
> If the former princess cared about the indignity of the exposed position, she didn't show it.
> A droplet of saliva runs from the edge of the bit, falling to the floor.
> Her tail hangs limply, forming a multihued pool between her hind hooves.
"Hello, Cadance."
> No reaction.
> Sighing, you drop your head and rub both palms into your forehead.
"I suppose you're rather proud of yourself, Cadance. We're still doing roll call, but I'm thinking you must've moved out a hundred, a hundred and fifty at least?"
> Giving neither assent nor denial of your estimation, she instead remains still and focused on you.
> Her wings give the slightest twitch, but you imagine that has more to do with the leather binders uncomfortably fastened around them.
> Another droplet of drool stains the floor beneath her.
"A hundred ponies, snuck out in the middle of the night. God, I don't even know where you think they're all going to go, but you must've had a plan for that."
> Straightening up on the stool, you wave a hand expressively.
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