The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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So a while back we had a thing where we briefly talked to Cadance in her cell about the aftermath of a mass slave escape. She argued that even if they were treated better than they could be, they were still slaves subject to your whims. You decided to punish the ringleaders who had organized the escape, but on the way out had run into Thunderlane who demanded you release his little brother - one of the ringleaders - in return for his spying for you.

> Sighing softly, you fold your arms.
"Alright, Thunderlane. Here's what I can do: I can pull him off that punishment line, but someone still has to be held responsible. I'll have to swap you in inst-"
> "I'll do it."
> Not even a second's hesitation at your offer, not even to let you finish.
"You know it won't be a light punishment. And I won't cut your working hours either."
> "I don't care. I've already sold out enough ponies to condemn myself to Tartarus forever. What's a little more pain to keep my brother safe?"
> Running a hand through your hair, you nod.
"Alright, then. When the punishment is being handed out, make sure you're there. Step up, make your plea again, and I'll make the swap."
> "Thank you, sir."
> Ducking his head, Thunderlane's eyes fall to the ground.
> You wonder if, perhaps, the implications of what he has just signed himself up for are finally coming home.
> "If I can ask, what's the punishment going to be?"
"That depends;"
> "On what?"
"On whether any of them feel remorse, on if Cadance pulls her head out of her cunt and stops acting all high and outraged..."
> She won't, you suspect.
> Whatever that outburst had been, it'd clearly been building for weeks, if not months.
> "I... understand. Can I see him, sir?"
"Rumble? Yes. Go ahead. In fact, make sure he doesn't run his mouth before we do the swap: If he snaps at me, I won't be able to do a thing for him."
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