The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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!!iopbVld3l5k 2016-08-14 12:11:34 No. 28160499
They belong to some Anon that's having trouble with his slaves escaping, and she's being made to decide their fate while Shiny cuddles with his master ^:)

This is a joke.

2016-08-14 12:21:36 No. 28160571
>Cadance actually belongs to that Anon
>While Shiny is consumed by his hatred of collaborators, Cadance is forced into becoming one to preserve their lives
>He's enraged by being whipped by a unicorn who kept his magic
>Meanwhile, she's getting ready to whip the slaves who helped others be free
This... would actually make a legitimately interesting turn of the story. Shining's strong morality-centric worldview against the very practical "bad or worse" situation Cadance finds herself in.

2016-08-14 05:45:43 No. 28163554
I would actually be okay with this, if Shining writefag is. Not going to force it in unnecessarily, though.

"...based on what has been said here, I will offer all here the chance to face up to what they have done and face a greater immediate punishment, rather than stretch it out over months. An additional thirty lashes, to negate the second half of your sentence and show you are ready to fully face the cost of what you have done here and now."
> The crowd shifts, and you spare a subtle glance towards Anonymous' seat to try and judge his reaction to the announcement.
> He remains seated in the chair, hands placidly folded in his lap, eyes inscrutable from this distance.
> Sixty lashes total would be... harsh, compared to what most slaves were given.
> Not the worst you'd heard of, not by far.
> But still a great, especially for one sitting.
"If any of you wish to accept this, say so now or-"
> "Yes!"
> Struggling against her leash and wings aflutter, Derpy practically lunges forward.
> "Yes, I'll do it! If I can see my daughter!"
> There's another commotion in the crowd - muted, but still there - that you suspect is focused around the unicorn in question.
> Would she hate you, you wonder, for what you're putting her mother through?
> Moving back up the line, you pause in front of each pony in turn.
> Cheerilee shakes her head with the same listless emptiness she'd shown before.
> "More or less lashes, it doesn't matter. I can't go back to poisoning those foals' minds again."
> Nodding in silent understanding, you move on to Lyra.
> The lime-green unicorn glances down the line at Bon Bon, searching for some indication that both of them will accept the deal.
> It's fruitless, you already know.
> Bon Bon had never passed up any opportunity to spite the Owners, and any move that showed she was 'facing up' to doing wrong would be automatically discarded.
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