The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> And yet, the final of the six is far worse.
> Sunburst cannot keep his eyes off of you as he is lead to the post, his face a mixture of disbelief that the pony he'd put so much trust in would be the one doing this, and relief that you were clearly so unhappy by being forced to do it.
> Your heart twists as his forehooves are lifted into position, the plaintive, fearful, and yet thankful look more than you can bear.
> At least, when you took up your position behind him, you didn't have to see that any more.
> Seeing him jump as the whip falls on his back, however, is almost as bad - especially since he, too, is unable to hold back his cries.
> That is little surprise - Sunburst had never been a physically tough pony, more immersed in his books than for hard labor.
> By the end of his time on the post, you're barely able to maintain a good hold on the whip - letting it fall to the platform with a thud and hanging your head, stomach wrenching.
> The heavy thud of boots on wood pulls your attention back.
> Anonymous is ascending the platform, rolling up his own sleeves.
> Your heart skips a beat; he is going to deliver your punishment?!
> "It's time."
> A guard had moved up beside you as your attention was elsewhere.
> His low-toned voice holds no threat, but there's an iron certainty there.
> Does he know you wouldn't dare flake out of this now?
> Was that a hint of respect in his tone?
> Maybe.
> You move to the post, falling back on your haunches and lifting your forehooves to allow the leather loops to be fitted over them.
> Instead, however, Anonymous pauses beside you.
> His face is a carefully-controlled mask, guarding whatever thoughts he may have on your declaration.
> His words, on the other hand...
> "As you have decided to take on responsibility for this as well, I will offer you the same chance that you gave them before you confirmed their sentences. Is there anything you wish to say?"
> Before you'd confirmed their sentences?
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