The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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After much thought I have decided no >rape at this time. While this is about choices and the desire is clear, I don't think it fits the characters here; moreover, I gave you control of Cadance and not Anonymous for a reason. Though that doesn't mean there won't be other opportunities later in the story.

"Just do it. Get it over with."
> You keep your voice down, hoping that even if he does not get the groveling he wants then Anonymous will at least settle for you not publicly defying him.
> It's hard to tell, though, as he simply turns and walks away - boots thudding ominously on the wooden planking.
> Absent any further presence at your side, you allow your eyes to fall shut and release a tense breath.
> Now that you were actually here - forehooves strapped into place, reared up just as the other six had been over the past minutes - you begin to feel a nervousness bubbling deep in your belly.
> So far you'd managed to swallow your anxiety even when faced with the awful task you'd been forced to commit.
> But when it is your turn up on the post...
> Your wings give a little tremble.
> What would your aunt think of this?
> The niece she had groomed from the moment she had taken you in, bound and lashed by her own order?
> Certainly your aunt had never hesitated to suffer small indignities for the sake of her ponies - and, you suspected, a few far greater points of anguish than even you knew.
> But, this?
> At the same time, some small fragment of your mind wonders if you should have been the first one on the post.
> To know exactly what the others had suffered through when you carried out their sentences.
> Even after your ordeal of capture, repeated sale, and several owners attempting to mold you to their preferences you'd never been truly whipped before.
> Alicorns were far, far too valuable for that kind of treatment; most had preferred the gilded cage both figurative and once literal instead.
> But when you were the one who had ordered it...
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