The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"We have to trust that she knows what she is doing. Maybe she thinks it will give us better chances down the line, or prevent Anonymous from doing something worse."
> "What if she doesn't? What if-"
"Then we answer that when we see it happening, Rumble. But we can't just... put her aside because we don't like what she says, especially without knowing everything she is doing."
> You aren't looking, but can hear his final footsteps out and the door closing after him.
> His mind wasn't settled, that was for sure.
> Laying your head back down on the bed, you shuffle your wings and hope he doesn't do anything too rash.
> Once, you were lucky to have been able to convince Anonymous to even substitute yourself in Rumble's place.
> A second time...
> You wouldn't have anything to offer him in return, and another ultimatum would only get yourself added to the line as well.
> Would Cadance be any more responsive?
> Despite her time 'leading' the camp, the alicorn was something of an enigma to you.
> She'd mostly kept her authority relegated to small matters - the assignment of what meager extra materials were given to the camp's population, organizing the handful of holiday celebrations were allowed...
> And, apparently, planning the escape.
> That had caught you by surprise, as did Cadance's direct role in both delivering and accepting the lashings.
> Now she seemed to be trying to straddle those two roles, and what would come of it yet you weren't sure.
> ...
> By the time they release you from the hospital two days later, you're long since ready to get back into motion.
> Though the rest was welcome there was only so long you could go without becoming somewhat stir-crazy.
> Pegasi were creatures of the sky, after all, not of closed-up rooms.
> At least they'd given you a bottle of ointment to help with numbing and healing your welts.
> Only a brief stop is made at your own room, however, as there's one bit of business you would have to deal with first.
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