The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"It's just..."
> You look down at the papers again, needing some time to gather yourself.
> When you look back up, for just a moment you see Corona's accusing, enraged glare peering in through the doorway behind the mayor.
> It takes all your self control not to rear back and whinny in surprise; then you blink, and the face is gone - the door closed, as it had been.
> You want to tell her.
> To break down right then and there and tell her everything.
> But if Mayor Mare told anypony else...
> If word got out of what you'd done...
> The specter of everypony's face replaced by the same hateful leer as Corona's flickers before your eyes.
> No.
> This was a burden you'd have to suffer alone.
"...I'm just worried about how I'm going to convince everypony to give up their one day off to put in extra shifts."
> "It won't be easy, that's for certain. You're set on this?"
> Hesitating, you then add:
"I don't quite understand exactly why Anonymous gave me the authority over everypony. Maybe he expected me to fail, or maybe he genuinely expected me to learn something. Either way, he made it clear that if I couldn't manage everypony here, he would be retaking direct control."
> "So you use a show of force to show that you are in control.
> Taking her pen and starting to scratch out a first few lines on the paper, Mayor Mare adopts a thoughtful look - tail swishing as the wheels turn in her head.
> "Unfortunately, even with that threat there will be few ponies here who want to show him anything but how much we hate being owned."
> Your face falls.
"You're saying it can't be done?"
> "Now, I didn't say that, Your Highness. They may not like him, but they are proud of you."
> Warmth rises in your chest, though it is quickly chilled by the voice whispering in the back of the head that if they knew what you did, all that pride would vanish in a heartbeat.
> "Tell me, how much do you think Anonymous cares what you say in here?"
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