The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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Added to an archive and pastebinned in one day? It's not even my birthday!

And you lot calmly continue your trend of managing to surprise me with how cruel you can be.

> One hand still on her chin to keep her head upright, you lean in until your face fills one side of her vision.
"Right now, in here, you're the only thing you should be worried about."
> Your other hand starts to run down her sides, feeling the heaving of her lungs.
> Once more running your hand down her belly, skin pulled taught as she'd sunk lower and lower in the chains.
"Honestly. Nobody outside is worrying about you - Cadance was the one who turned you in, and Merribelle-"
> In retrospect, you aren't absolutely certain why she does what comes next.
> Perhaps your hand had strayed just a bit too close to her teats for Corona to tolerate.
> Maybe the thought of what you were about to say regarding Merribelle hit too close - a loss she wasn't prepared to take.
> Or maybe Corona had just gotten tired of hearing you.
> Whichever it is, the result is the same.
> Faster than you'd have thought possible, her head jerks back and teeth around your arm.
> The next thing you're aware of is howling, your arm erupting in agony as Corona simply refuses to release it from her jaw's grip no matter how hard you pull back.
> Dimly you hear other voices raised, people moving around you, and then at last merciful release that allows you to stumble back against the wall with your arm clutched tight against your chest.
> Eric is there, gripping something that resembles a massively oversized pair of pliers that he has used to force Corona's mouth open.
> As soon as you are free, though, he is at your side.
> "Fucking hell, Anonymous! What did you do?"
"Was just fucking talking to her! God damn - I'm going to - to -"
> You don't finish that statement, instead simply stumbling from the room and out of the detention block entirely in search of medical treatment.
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