The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> "...well, the typical punishment for striking a human is twenty lashes."
> Your heart leaps into your throat.
> "But - the indisputable truth is that this was as much my fault. For letting everything get to this point. I need to show that somehow."
> Silent, you put your head down.
> This wouldn't be a good place to argue; he might-
> "Hell, maybe you should whip me too."
> Unable to prevent your head from snapping up and wings falling open, your astonished expression is on fully display for Anonymous.
> He grins, though there's a deeply sour look to the expression.
> "You like that idea, Cadance? Twenty lashes for the both of us, each to the other. Finally get to work out some of that hate for me."
"...I don't think this is an appropriate thing to joke about."
> "I'm not. I need to show - to make a clear sign that I know how badly I let things slip, and am aware of it."
> Leaning forward in his seat, Anonymous props his elbows on his knees to steady himself.
> "And yes, I'm under no illusions that it will be... bad. I know what that whip does. But frankly, it might be what is needed to show how dedicated I am to fixing this."
> He's serious.
> Incredibly - impossibly - Anonymous is dead serious about letting you whip him.
> And, to your utter horror, there is a part of you that wants to take him up on the offer - and perhaps even more.
> It almost seems worth getting the whip across your back to have a chance to lay it into him.
> Disgust churns in your belly, even as your heart beats slightly faster at the thought of wielding the lash against Anonymous.
> But...
> Rising to all four hooves, you step forward until you're practically nose-to-muzzle with him.
"I am not that cruel. No sane pony would inflict this kind of misery on another creature as a personal grudge, and I will not start; down that road lies the likes of Sombra and Nightmare Moon. However much I might want to see you pay for what you've done to us... no."
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