The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"I need to know that you're honest about trying to fix the way things are going for here. You're right - this would be making everything I've already sold my soul for status quo, and I can't do that for just Rumble. I need to know that things will improve for everypony."
> "What are you proposing?"
"You're not paying me, or any other ponies who end up taking your guards' positions-"
> Anonymous seems to be about to question the idea that there will be more guards leaving their current positions, but wisely doesn't give voice to them.
"-and if you put that money into your own pocket, it'll seem like you're just making use of us for your own benefit."
> "I don't think I have to remind you that I do own you."
> The barest touch of a snarl forms on your lips.
"No, you don't. But impressions matter, Master. And we're not exactly costing you anything more by filling in what used to be paid positions."
> "That's a fallacy; you're still vacating your past positions which I'll have to fill from ponies who might be working elsewhere. Besides, I wasn't planning to leave those guards unhired forever..."
> He seems to pause and think about that, though.
> "...anyhow, what exactly are you proposing?"
"What I'm proposing is that you put that money back to making things better for us. More food, better food, a place for ponies to relax in the little time you give us, some games or toys for the foals - something."
> Adopting a pensive look as you spoke, he finally turns away to browse through files on his computer.
> "What you're suggesting isn't something I've not thought about before. I threw together a few plans, but with the new purchases soon to arrive and then the escapes, there was never a chance."
> The printer whirrs,beeps, clicks, whirrs again, and spits out a series of sheets.
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