The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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!F9CBa509ak 2016-10-20 01:35:05 No. 28697337
> There's no point in hiding it.
> He'd find out soon enough anyhow, with how often Corona's disappearance was a topic of discussion.
"A former slave mare who used to be here. There was... a large breakout some weeks back. Rather than beat every slave who had escaped, Corona alone was chosen."
> "I... see."
> He glances up to the sign, the first touch of fear flickering in his eyes.
> "That's... you said she isn't here anymore?"
"No. You don't need to concern yourself what what happened to her."
> "Ah-"
> Damn, that'd come out rather harsher-sounding than you'd intended.
> "-my apologies, Ma'am."
"No, if anything I should be sorry for snapping at you like that. And there's no need to call me 'Ma'am'."
> "Forgive me, Ma'am, I may not have my uniform any longer but I am still an officer of the EUP Guard..."
> That drives you to do a double-take, jerking back around to study the stallion again.
> He falters as your eyes focus on him, voice dropping to a nervous stutter:
> "...and I did not know if it would be insulting to call 'Your Highness'. Er, Ma'am."
> Turning around fully, you set the tray down to allow you to properly focus.
"It is something some ponies do here, at times. In all honesty, I'm... flattered that anypony thinks I still deserve that title."
> "Ah. So then, should I-"
"Do what you feel is right. I no longer have the crown that earned me that title."
> Or, for that matter, do you deserve it after what you did to Corona.
"I will say this, though: If you choose to use my title, do not let the guards hear you. They will not punish you, but it is not looked on favorably either."
> "I understand, Ma- Your Highness."
> Ducking his head with a small smile, the earth stallion raises a shaky hoof to offer a salute.
> "Lieutenant Granite Cleave."
"A pleasure."
> In truth, you have to keep the sadness from your voice.
> He wasn't the first pony formerly of the guard you'd encountered who had insisted on keeping their rank.
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