The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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!F9CBa509ak 2016-10-31 09:34:39 No. 28779499
> ...well.
> This certainly wasn't how you'd planned it going.
> Certainly not how Cadance had planned it, especially after she'd refused seeing Flurry once.
> But now - no, there's no way to break them apart again.
> You aren't sure even Cadance would obey if you told her to.
"Come in, Flurry."
> With tentative steps she almost tip-toes the rest of the way through the doorway; though one ear pricks towards your voice, Flurry's eyes remain firmly locked on the larger alicorn.
> And her eyes on Flurry; almost forgetting your daughter's nearness, Cadance reaches out a trembling hoof.
> "F-F-Flur-"
> "Momma?"
> That breaks the tension; Cadance leaps for her daughter, wings and forelegs alike snapping out to scoop the filly up and hold her with the force only a parent thought they'd lost their child can muster up.
> Both of them are babbling - half crying, almost barely speaking, as they nuzzle with foreheads pressed together and nickering softly to each other.
> Your own daughter looks slightly lost; with a small smile you beckon her to your own side, seating her on your lap and pulling an arm around her in a gentler mirror of the ponies' actions.
> "F-Flurry, I'm so so-o-orry. I - I shouldn't have s-sent you away. I d-didn't ever mean it to be this long!"
> Cadance's cries even leave something stirring in your own chest.
> "I only m-meant to protect you; I'm so sorry..."
> Flurry's cries are rather more incoherent - the even greater weeping of a heart that had not just lost her family, but accepted it - only to have this reunion creep up in ambush.
> Eventually, thought, she rips her eyes from her mother and speaks up in a shaky, trilling voice:
> "M-Master, we're allowed-"
"Yes. Both of you are."
> "D-Does that mean Mommy isn't a bad pony anymore?"
> Cadance recoils as if shot, disbelief and horror flickering on her face.
"It means... she's done well enough for this."
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