The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"So you want to what - murder your own unborn foal? For what? To spite me? To state your own sense of morality?"
> Vapor Trail recoils, and you give her a moment to let your words sink in before pressing your attack:
"Now, humans and ponies may think differently, but choosing such a cowardly way out disgusts me. You have a child, a miniature extension of yourself, growing inside you. And you want to kill it."
> Shooting upright, Vapor Trail locks eyes with you - her glare every bit as fiery as your own.
> "I want to give my foal the only freedom I can! Every day - every day I see ponies crushed under the weight of what you're doing to us, and there's nothing I can do about it! It's a slow death - and I'd rather she never live than die like that!"
"That's exactly why I'm trying to make things better here! There's no need to condemn ponies to a death like that - hell, there's not even any benefit in it for me!"
> "You think this is any better? That you aren't grinding us down into compliance? Your cage is as much a cage as anywhere else."
> Collapsing back down, she nearly falls from the bed until Cadance catches her with a wing.
> "This is still slavery. And I will not have her be part of it."
> Lips drawing back into a snarl, you feel your hand tightening into a fist again.
> "Anonymous..."
> Cadance.
> Of course she'd be concerned.
> But she had warned you, hadn't she?
> Turning away, you spit out your reply:
"Fine. Cadance, have her watched to make sure she doesn't harm herself."
> Striding out the door, you send ponies scurrying from the cloud of fury that hangs over you.
> Soon enough hurried hoofsteps creep up behind you, and then Cadance is pacing at your side again.
> "Anonymous, Master - what are you going to do to her? You can't keep her locked away or constantly supervised for the next seven months-"
"I know!"
> You snap at Cadance, pausing to spin and face her.
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