The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"Well, Derpy... Vapor Trail is pregnant. She's scared, though, and - she wants to end the foal."
> "What?!"
"She doesn't want it to be a... slave."
> Why is that word so hard to say?
> You'd long ago come to terms with what you were, if never stopped hating it.
"Vapor Trail is a kind spirit, and a free-flying one. She's determined her foal shouldn't be a slave... one way or another."
> The mare gives no response, though her eyes in a rare moment of agreement both fall to the floor together.
"I - I don't think I can convince her on my own, Derpy. I need your help. I need somepony to show her that a foal has hope of being free. I need your help."
> "Why me?"
"Because I trust you. Because there's very few ponies here who can tell her this. Because - of what you did for your own daughters."
> "But it didn't work. They didn't get away."
"One did."
> "Cadance-"
> Derpy shuffles her wings, clearly uncertain.
> "Why are - are you telling me to think about that again? Is this - did Anonymous ask you to... try to get me to act out or something?"
> Your heart seizes.
"...I won't deny he asked me to do this, but it's not to get you in trouble. It's because he's just as much scared of what Vapor Trail might do as I am."
> "So - so you want me to go tell her that she can run away with her filly?"
> Lowering your head, you nod.
"I do. Maybe she will change her mind... maybe she will not. But if she does something foolish now, I fear what will happen."
> She is, you can see, not convinced.
"Please, Derpy. If not for her sake, then for the foal's - you know that a mother's love can light the darkest places. I know it, too. That foal doesn't have to just know misery and suffering. We just have to show her."
> Derpy stares for a long time; you can not just see the gears turning in her head as she considers the matter but almost hear them as well.
> " I going to be lying?"
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