The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"...I won't be using the whip."
> You shudder softly, the memory of the awful thing's crack as you wielded it echoing in your ears.
"Celestia above, I won't be using that if I have a choice in things."
> "What instead, then?"
"They'll admit what they did publicly, and then we'll have them on no days off for two months. Extra work hours instead - and they can start by cleaning up that graffiti. Also, if any of them have privileges in the camp, those are out too. But..."
> You frown, chewing on the inside of your cheek as you turn over ideas in your head.
> "But?"
"If that third pony turns him or herself in we can see about reducing the sentence. A - a display of understanding that what they did was wrong."
> "For just the one?"
"For all of them."
> You turn to give Thunderlane a hard look.
"We're not encouraging ponies to betray each other for their own good here. It has to be clear, this is for everypony's benefit."
> Nodding sluggishly, he tilts his head.
> "...I guess so."
> Softening your expression, you shoot him a small smile.
"Go back and get some rest, Thunderlane. You've been up all night. Your duty's done."
> "But the two-"
"They will be fine. I intend to speak with the guards now on my plans for them; I'll make it clear that anyone brutalizing them will be properly dealt with."
> He sags in relief, and your smile spreads a little wider.
"...though, your consideration for their safety is appreciated. I see I wasn't wrong in suggesting this role or you."
> "I'm not so sure about that."
> He'd meant it to be whispered, or perhaps not even spoken at all.
> But Thunderlane's words are quite loud enough for you to hear.
"I am."
> "One question, Your Highness."
> You'd half turned away towards the door, but now you look back.
> "What will you do if they refuse? I mean... both of them did struggle. Mellowheart less so, but they're angry. They're willing to fight."
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