The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"We are not here to hold a debate, Mellowheart. The sentence is given, not negotiated."
> Pausing, you soften your tone - aware, in retrospect, of how harsh that sounded.
"...but I must remind you, that already this is far lighter than you had any reason to expect. Things have improved here; you yourself said you went out with the expectation that you would be whipped if caught - but you aren't. You aren't being punished for being out past curfew, because Anonymous agreed that it was wrong to use the whip in response to that as well. If you push, though - if you fight as though I am subjecting you to a beating every bit as vicious as you imagined - then that reality will come back."
> Stormbreaker's nostrils flare with a hostile huff but you can tell he is restraining himself from saying more.
> Nurse Mellowheart simply shakes her head.
> With a sigh, you motion to the guards with one wing.
"Return them to their cells. Their sentence begins tomorrow; if the accomplice has not returned by then, it will be carried out to the full length."
> The crowd starts to break up, muttering and murmuring, as the two culprits are lead away.
> You can only hope those murmurs are in your support.
> If not-
> "Do you think she'll work?"
> Turning aside, you find yourself facing a stallion of considerable bulk bearing numerous bruises.
"Seismic Shift, yes?"
> "Yes, Your Highness."
> Turning from his rumbled answer to look after the departing ponies, you sigh.
"I don't know. I have a suspicion she won't."
> "What will you do then."
> Your mouth curves into a bitter smile.
"I don't know that either. I don't know a lot, actually - some days I feel like I am making things up by the minute, just trying to keep everything afloat because if I stop for a minute we'll all drown."
> He hums, a deep bass sound with a pained undertone.
> "That feeling is a familiar one, yes. Thunderlane's gotta be feeling it to, being in charge of us."
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