The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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2016-11-24 04:50:49 No. 28934756
Looks like Cadence has already made her choice. There's no way she's going to wear the dress quietly as things are.
The situation will have to change before her mind will.
Like, say, if Flurry Heart were to burst in, having heard from Mocha that 'mommy was being a bad pony again', tearfully yelling and screaming at Cadence while at the very same time offering to wear the dress for Anon.
Given Anon's recent conversation with Mocha and Cadence's with Flurry Heart, that would likely leave both of them shaken and rethinking their choices. Cadence doesn't want to be a 'bad pony' for Flurry Heart and Anon wants leaders, not slaves.
Or if Anon's daughter were to come in unexpectedly, take a look at Cadence's outfit, and immediately declare it the sluttiest looking thing she had ever seen.
No doubt Anon would discipline his daughter for her tongue, but he would also reevaluate the outfit. Would lack the same impact as Flurry Heart, but Anon might be more inclined to listen to his daughter. She does, after all, have a human's perspective of things and he has been giving in to the ponies quite a bit lately.
Perhaps both would be best for the story - Flurry Heart rushing through the doors in a panic, Megan coming in behind her, chasing her runaway pony.
As it is, Cadence is looking forward to a night in chains, because she's not backing down.

!F9CBa509ak 2016-11-25 09:45:50 No. 28944054

"You really want me to wear this?"
> Raising your head, you stare him in the eye - one of the chains hanging from the horn ring dancing in your vision.
"Fine. I'll wear it. I'll humiliate myself for your pleasure if you think it will help this meeting - and this meeting will help the ponies - because that is what a good leader would do."
> Strutting - almost stalking - up to him, you draw yourself up as tall and proud as you could and pour every bit of your fury into a glare.
"I'll be not just a slave but a pet, a plaything, your chained whore. Does that satisfy you, Master? Or should I raise my tail and present myself for your guests-"
> Your head snaps to the side, cheek stinging from the slap that had just been driven into it.
> Twisting it back to face him again you set your jaw fiercely and lock it into place.
"Is there anything else, Master?"
> Though your words may have been placating, your mocking tone put a sour twist on them.
> Anonymous hisses back with a soft, dangerous voice.
> "If you're looking to spend another night in chains, Cadance, you're doing an excellent job of getting yourself there."
"Why should I care? It looks like I'm going to be wearing chains anyhow."
> Another resounding slap, and your head snaps to the opposite side as he delivers another stinging blow.
> Breathing a bit heavily now, you still come back to meet his gaze.
"At least this way it's clear what I actually am to you."
> His hand raises and you brace for a third blow, but at the peak of its rise he hesitates - fist clenching and then slowly dropping again.
> The sleeve, you notice, is swollen from the bandage beneath.
> That was the arm that Corona had sunk her teeth into.
> " No, I'm not going to beat you, Cadance, because that wouldn't teach you anything."
> Almost rearing back in surprise, you tilt your head.
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